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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I believe they're deer because Elkie's representative animal is a deer she did it first VIVI stans found quaking. Although now I'm questioning why Elkie's animal isn't an elk in the first place dddd.
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  2. I agree that they def used faux mounted deer heads in the set, but elk is a species of deer and their antlers more or less do look like that (just a lot bigger) so I think it still works out ww.
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  3. Yeah I didn't really understand the ram heads in that shot but I'm just gonna go ahead and believe @ysev on this one.

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  4. Little disappointed when I saw CLC's ME pop up on Spotify. I thought we were getting a mini! But it's a cute song.
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  5. I saw this quote on YouTube which sums it up pretty well.

    The symbolism jumped out.
    Watch your back LOONA.
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  6. CLC’s new song - bit of a mess? It’s really hard to follow the melody.

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  8. Vocal LEGEND!
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  9. Yoona, queen of eating and drinking throughout the whole MV.

    The song's nice as well but could do better. Still waiting on the sasspop, Yoona...
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  10. This is fantastic, the first time I didn't hate something involving an iKon member wow the growth of it all.
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  11. This is... a song.

    It is... released by Yoona.

    There are words in it.

    Yeah, I think that's all I have on this...
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  12. Hhshsjsjksjsjshs ain‘t that the truth! He always looks so done during their promo phases.
    The fact that he‘s voluntarily enlisting earlier instead of waiting until 2021 is very telling as well. We love Krystal‘s male version.
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  13. The LEE HI song leaves me a bit cold, but so far this week has been a bit slow when it comes to new releases so I'll take what I can get. Same with the Yoona song.
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  14. You know what surprises me a lot? Their Savanna MV on their official channel has almost a million views already! While the one 1theK uploaded has significantly less. What kind of Jaden Jeong sorcery is that?

    Edit: it has 1.6 million views now... how?
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  15. I was hoping Yoona's song would be something like Suzy's Holiday but nope.

    Bring DJ Hyo back!
  16. I can’t do this....... God take Chen instead
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  18. He


    Yoona in being beige shocker.

    Is D.O. the cute actor one? I'll miss ha.
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  19. She sounds amazing but the drop is abysmal.
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  20. He


    Eunjung is promoting in Japan? Huh?
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