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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Vocal LEGEND!
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  2. Yoona, queen of eating and drinking throughout the whole MV.

    The song's nice as well but could do better. Still waiting on the sasspop, Yoona...
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  3. This is fantastic, the first time I didn't hate something involving an iKon member wow the growth of it all.
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  4. This is... a song.

    It is... released by Yoona.

    There are words in it.

    Yeah, I think that's all I have on this...
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  5. Hhshsjsjksjsjshs ain‘t that the truth! He always looks so done during their promo phases.
    The fact that he‘s voluntarily enlisting earlier instead of waiting until 2021 is very telling as well. We love Krystal‘s male version.
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  6. The LEE HI song leaves me a bit cold, but so far this week has been a bit slow when it comes to new releases so I'll take what I can get. Same with the Yoona song.
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  7. You know what surprises me a lot? Their Savanna MV on their official channel has almost a million views already! While the one 1theK uploaded has significantly less. What kind of Jaden Jeong sorcery is that?

    Edit: it has 1.6 million views now... how?
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  8. I was hoping Yoona's song would be something like Suzy's Holiday but nope.

    Bring DJ Hyo back!
  9. I can’t do this....... God take Chen instead
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  11. He


    Yoona in being beige shocker.

    Is D.O. the cute actor one? I'll miss ha.
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  12. She sounds amazing but the drop is abysmal.
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  13. He


    Eunjung is promoting in Japan? Huh?
  14. Good news:

    Bad news: gugudan haven't had a comeback since November 2018 [​IMG]
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  15. The Red Velvet Japanese EP is really good.
  16. Ok so I just got out of Sunmi’s concert and oh my fucking god unnies im dead. Play her entire discography (plus Reboot) at my funeral please.

    Honestly she is an absolute goddess, her vocals were stunning, her visuals out of this world, and her dancing?...I think she’s turned this homo straight.

    One of the best shows I’ve been to, hands down. She sang a brand new track called Borderline which was entirely in English, it has the same dark soundscape of the Warning mini and was utterly spectacular. The other new track Hey You (?) is another smash in waiting. I unleashed my inner hoe when the Burn remix came along, my poor scalp was not ready for that megabop.

    Sunmi just oozes charisma and is a total superstar. She was genuinely touched by all the love the crowd gave her. A phenomenal human being. To top it off, I actually got to meet her and hold her hands and tell her how fucking amazing she is. My life is complete.

    Ddddd someone also proposed to her and gave her a ring...and she kept it! (She also said gay rights and Cheeky Nando’s)
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  17. NOT Heejin and Chuu working HARD to put some bread on Hyunjin's table, only for all that money to go some BOYGROUP.
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  18. First I can't go to her Vancouver concert and now someone beat me to proposing, fml
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  19. Oh wow this is the first great song they've released since Hobgoblin.
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  20. I prefer Where Are You, Black Dress & No to Me.
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