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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Also, welcome @Rainbow Road! Hope you stan Sunmi & Twice so we can be friends!

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  2. Tiffany just released the video for Runaway. It’s really nice! Her videos for Lips on Lips have been aesthetically pleasing so far.

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  3. I know Popjustice loves to hate Bebe Rexha but I never knew she wrote SHINee's Lucifer, that's pretty cool.

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  4. Taeyeon is a gift that just keeps on giving

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  6. She sent it over to Lucifer?? I knew she did deals with Satan.
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  7. CL is featured on an upcoming release.

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  8. I wonder if he's sticking to a mainly R&B sound or going back to a hip-hop oriented one. I haven't listened to his post-Everything You Wanted singles or the English mini-album yet.
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  9. 3Xs


    ^Yacht and Upside Down are definitely worth checking out, even if they're now abandoned (heh) singles. He also dropped a new English single the other week. It's not really my favorite but it's weird it's not going to be on the album.

    In any case, new Jay Park is always worth at least a cursory listen, especially if there's a couple of Cha Cha and Gray productions sprinkled in.
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  10. Albania keeps saying South Korean rights:

    Exhibit A

    Exhibit B
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  11. Ugggh Loona 1/3 releasing Rain 51dB's cousin is everything I needed!
    YYXY's ballad sounds promising as well. Not feeling OEC's right now but that can change quickly.
    Edit: Okay but why did they use the pictures from the ++ era? Budget juseyo :/
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  12. So we are getting a ballad per unit. Consider me perched. Dddd poor YeoJin though.
    That "Delayed But Someday" caption at the end...BBC being coy as always.
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  13. Hyper Ballad? Björk unnie is continental drifting.
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  14. God I'm so obsessed with them...this is literally a perfect teaser. I just wanna talk about them all the time and I can't stop watching this live Love Bomb REMIX!! they did on K-CON Japan:

    @Cotton Park won
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  15. He


    Hyper Ballad sounds lush and gorgeous.

    But "delayed but someday", a total kii.
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  16. Their best song. Along with View. And 1 of 1.
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  17. you can't fake amazing

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  18. OMGSJDUDJDJD As a stan of their Jessica & Krystal reality show, I am so here for this.

    Hold me @Vixen @Cotton Park
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