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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Does this mean Krystal is leaving SM this year or the reality shows are not managed by labels?
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  2. WAIT. I haven't thought of that. Let's wait for further announcement.
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  3. Queens of TV Reality!
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  4. Krystal must be leaving SM. No way would she be allowed to work with Jessica given the way SM Entertainment have removed all trace of her existance at the SMTown museum at COEX and have seen to it that Jessica is banned from all music shows.
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  5. He


    Ddd, so that f(x) reunion...
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  6. I'm not really sure how we're getting to that conclusion exactly just yet dddd.
    Although I guess maybe they will be using the Tokyo concert as a goodbye/send-off, yeah.

    I just hope it means new music from Jessica xoxo
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  7. I'm expecting Victoria & Luna to stay in SM, the former because she does most of her stuff under her Chinese label anyways (Dara teas) and the latter because SM gives her the musicals and ballads she loves.

    And watch SM to still not announce their disbandment when the members leave.
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  8. He


    They will say that even though members are gone, they can still do activities in the future... never.
  9. SNSD really made this the new trend in K-Pop, didn't they? Trailblazer queens.

    I can't wait for people to remind me Kara did it first.
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  10. He


    A good way to keep fans interested in the solo activities, kii.
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  11. Sunny: Am I a joke to you?
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  12. It’s absolute torture waiting for something that that’ll never come. And the longer we wait the less likely something will come. I bet she has a whole shelved mini or two in the vaults.
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  13. He


    I’ve always gotten the feeling that Sunny doesn’t care as much about having a solo as the rest of the girls.

    Also, why am I obsessing now with Yuri’s single, a bop.
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  14. Good move by Source Music, licensing the Fingertip outfits Yojashingu will never ever have any use for ever again to Cube for CLC's new thing. Woohoo. Pingletip!

    But CLC could rock anything. Tweed. Gauze. Burlap. God, they're just sex.

    That little sax logo interstitial is still stuck in my head. The one MNet America still plays after coming in and out of commercial breaks that are really just filled with the same old promos seven month old M-Countdowns and three-year-old Show Me The Moneys. MNet America is the worst. Still running that same old first season of Tasty Road with NS Yoon G and Eli from fucking U-Kiss. They'll still be running that one first season of Jessica & Krystal when there are only about 14 cable viewers still left in the world. Marathons on Sunday. I'll probably be one of them.
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  15. Krystal has been managed by SM all these years and she’s done countless appearances and photoshoots with Jessica so if she’s leaving SM it’s probably not because of that nñn
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  16. 3Xs


    Hi girls, reporting here from Seoul Pride! What a day!! I'm happy to inform you that we were NOT short on bops this year. But what were the top 10 LGBT+ K-Pop anthems on this year's parade route? 3Xs is here to report!

    Also these are just the songs I personally heard, if ya fave didn't make the list go talk to the lesbians at the sound system






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  17. 3Xs







    Happy Pride Month~
  18. Wow I always knew GFRIEND were queer icons.
    Hug hug a gay Buddy today, sistren.
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  19. wheres sunmi saying gay rites tho
  20. So in celebration of EXID's general awesomeness (combined with sadness over their "hiatus") I went on a hunt to finally buy some of their albums. I managed to snag a copy of Eclipse, Full Moon and WE - in a strange twist every album was Hyelin focused: I got her version of the CD for Eclipse, Her Photocard for Full Moon and for WE. Suddenly the potato queen is me.


    Now excuse me whilst I cry bop to their amazing discography.

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