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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. (Toys) bakken amudo eopseo

    (Toys) nunchi bol piryo eopseo
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  2. Jessica in her Blanc&Eclare white suit, two days before their 15th Anniversary comeback stage at Tokyo SM Town concert, saying she wants back in:
    Fingers crossed! ♡ xoxo
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  3. [​IMG]
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  5. I love the idea of f(x) coming back together but... since 2015 feminist braless queen Sulli has given me so much content that I sort of became a Sulli akgae and knowing that she won't be there makes me a special kind of sad. But that is okay, I still appreciate the other ones.
  6. Eclipse is nice but a little generic and I say that as a GOT7 stan.

    Amazing: Fly, If You Do, Lullaby
    Great: Stop Stop It, Just Right, Look, You Are
    Good: Eclipse, My Swagger
    Meh: Hard Carry, Never Ever
    Bad: Girls Girls Girls, A, The New Era
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  7. I thought this was some Kim Lip slander at first...
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  8. This physically HURTS me.
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  9. I mean I agree that Fly, If You Do and Lullaby are in their top 5 releases. Just Right however ,is the work of the devil and is dead last in every case.
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  10. I’m not ready for best boygroup, best girlgroup and best female soloist all in one month. My KPJC ballot is going to be a mess.

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  11. S: Lullaby, Look, If You Do
    A: You Are, Eclipse, Fly
    B: Stop Stop It, Never Ever, A
    C: Just Right
    D: Hard Carry
    E: Girls Girls Girls

    I haven’t listened to their Japanese songs enough to judge.
  12. Imagine if Hyolyn releases something as amazing as Dally again? I love See Sea, but I need something grimey and gritty after Bae.

    Dally proved Gray as the it-producer of k-pop. The talent... the excellence, it was far too much.

    Even video aside, the song is 3:23 of high-stakes adrenaline pop. The energy. The nerve. The flow. Dally walked so all these other girls could run.
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  13. Is Suzy only committing to acting from now on since she left JYP?

    in before someone says yes no maybe
  14. I have now listened to Under Cover 40 times, oops.
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  15. Youngjae's my bias so I will always be here for A. I still consider it one of their best.
  16. 3Xs


    Summer is here! Loving the Citypop vibe and her vocals. Baek Yerin needs to hurry ha ass up and release "Square" already cus Taeyeon is tugging her a bitsy with this.
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  17. So it's only a digital single which is a shame but at least they will have two releases minimum this year ddd. And as I suspected, the song that they teased during the dream concert performance last week, was, in fact the single we're going to get. I already posted it in the CLC thread but some of y'all are flop cheshires so I'll link it here too.

    The song is a pun on Me and 美 which is the hanja for beauty. So they're either saying Beautiful Beauty or Beautiful Me in the performance.

    Still waiting on Hyolyn to release an album on her new label tbfh queen.

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  18. He


    Hyolyn re-writing her narrative. Do we know why she's calling it 1st digital single? Did Dally and See Sea have physicals?
  19. My thirsty-yet-misandrist self Googling whichever Monsta X member @Slice of Life is currently stanning:

    2 days
    until the T-ara Rate opens.
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  20. I'm hoping this is a To The Sky situation where this is just a pre-release for the overall comeback. I think it would be great if we got more than two singles for this comeback since their albums from Crystyle onwards have usually had great b-sides.
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