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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Boogie Up is absolutely an improvement on La La Love. Let’s Dance is also a megabop.
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  2. OMFG we are not doing this. La La Love is definitely one of WJSN's best songs and I won't hear otherwise.
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  3. The WJSN song is very cute and the fromis_9 is what it is but it did make me laugh.
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  4. Well..there goes CLC's only chance at a win.
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  5. Hunties... can you imagine if these Pristin girls ended up signing with Banana Culture? And LE + Shinsadong Tiger produced bops for them? Make it happen.

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  6. Long time BoA fan here, and I have to say the past year or so has actually been some of the best years for BoA's Korean musically. She has her own particular set of challenges that come with having such a long career, but I think she is crafting really consistent and new classics for herself that are trademark BoA without sounding *too* dated.

    I enjoy the song Feedback, as a cute in between single to keep her engaged with her audience.
    I like elements of the video, but it just feels a bit too thrown together. There is a strange disconnect with BoA's dancing because when she is doing choreography she is top tier and can handle most things thrown at her. But the moment she has to just vibe, feel the music, or freestyle it feels tooooo stiff or self conscious.
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  7. I actually really don’t like either of ‘Boogie Up’ or ‘FUN!’...

    Now, that being said ‘Oh My Summer’ is an ABSOLUTE summer disco jam that should have been a title song.

    It’s so MUCH better than ‘Boogie Up’?!?!
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  8. Wait at this albumtrack being another huge bop too.
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  9. Ummm I liked Fun! and the video is a scream but I'm not going to pretend I didn't reach for Love Bomb right after

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  10. "I have many different sides of me... like "quirky" and ... LGBT."

    Queen of the LGBT community!

    Also this...

    The lesbians keep winning.

    Wait, that's cute, I didn't see the "sub-titles"/"text".
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  11. Ok but I got chills?! Like she literally came out. I hope there won't be too many repercussions for her back home. I love her.

    Edit (?):
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  12. Not to be that person but I don’t think she came out, just showing her support for the LGBT community.
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  13. He


    I was there!!

    She’s a queen. And it was my first kpop concert (wish I had paid VIP to be honest).

    She is so mesmerizing and such a star, her dancing end energy were incredible. The new songs sound great, especially Hey You. I do wish her backing track wasn’t as loud, because the few times she sang live, she sounded great. Also, she should do a couple of Wonder Girls tracks, there’s definitely space for it.

    I really don’t think she came out in any form. It was just support that maybe got lost in translation, I don’t know what she meant by it exactly... After that she asked about Pride month and said things to the effect of “congratulations you guys”, clearly meaning she’s an outsider. She was super sweet about it.

    The Yves moment was a total kii.
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  14. well_its_over.jpg

    Though I’m still not gonna complain. I love that she’s embracing this so much - remember when BoA performed at San Fran Pride back in 2009 and got heaps of flack from netizens about it?
  15. Yeah I could tell what she meant but it was still iconic for her to even say those words. How many k-idols will actually verbalise the acronym LGBT? I love my fave.
  16. niga joa nan FOOL
    il bun il cho nae saenggageun jeonbu
    neoro gadeuk Baby Im FOOL

    jeomjeom tteugeopgo
    jeomjeom mot mallyeo
    jeomjeom dagaga
    shimjangi ttwieo FOOL
    eotteokae na FOOL
    ireon nae mam

    meonjeo gobaekallae

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  17. He


    From the little bit on Prisitn, I’m thinking not all of them are joining this new Nayoung group, I hope at least Rena, Kyla, Xiyeon and Eunwoo are, though.
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