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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Couldn't find that one but now I am done a rabbit hole of these videos dddd.

    I said this way back during my last binge on these videos but I still maintain that this one is actually very good until about 1:20 then okay from there until 1:40 but then after that, it becomes very dark-sided. I think it's mostly due to the instrumental sounding very good even when sped up.

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  2. So, my local gay bar has a machine to choose your own music and they finally added a bit of Kpop. As in ‘Boy With Luv’ and ‘Kill This Love’ since they’re both doing really well here. So now I can force people here to listen to Kpop. Yay!
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  3. ARMYs everywhere: [​IMG]
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  4. He


    Random thought, but I really appreciated how diverse the Sunmi audience was, I guess it is like this for most kpop. I felt like the grandpa I am, but it was cute seeing the children... until you notice it will be impossible to be upfront. I wonder how Hyolyn's date went, I'm sad I couldn't go.
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  5. I'd say the crowd for Sunmi in London was the same as Hyloyn's. Both were surprisingly diverse and a rather beautiful thing to see. Thinking about it, so was BLACKPINK's...the power of KPOP, western music could never...
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  6. At least they're playing a good BTS song nowadays. Remember the dark times when DNA and Fake Love were K-Pop's representation?
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  7. The only time I've ever heard a k-pop song in public (apart from the Korean supermarkets in England) is 2NE1's I Am The Best in Forever 21. I was living.
  8. Is it safe to assume that most males at k-pop concerts are gay? I'll feel a bit self conscious going to my first k-pop concert where I know majority of the audience will be girls.
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  9. He


    That and maybe some boyfriends of the girls going. It feels like a very safe space though, a lot of people went all out with outfits and makeup (I had some timid pink hearts on my cheeks, kii)... Sunmi was literally 90% girls, though.
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  10. You don't need to worry, all three I've gone to were solo endeavours, but once you're there you really won't care. There were a lot of males at the concerts I've been to. The majority were gay, but there were a surprising amount of straights too, it really is an eclectic mix (even age wise). @He is right, the outfits people wear are insane, made me feel like a basic bitch in my generic trashy chic outfit dddd.
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  11. They once played Dumb Dumb in Sephora when I was in Australia. I freaked out. They’re also playing the aforementioned songs constantly here, especially Blackpink.
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  12. Dumb Dumb is an avantgarde masterpiece that has catapulted Red Velvet into a big girl group. It is nice to see that the girls are still shook over it.
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  13. I can understand people hating on RBB because it really is...an acquired taste. But Dumb Dumb is a solid bop (although the MJ section is a choice).
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  14. Red Velvet's best moment is still Russian Roulette for me. It may not be the most out there song but it's for sure the catchiest.
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  15. Monsta X was predominately girls but there were a few guys, couldn't tell if they were gay, but they cheered for Wonho taking his top off all the same.
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  16. I only saw one man to the left of me (but I wasn't looking around at the audience much) and sis was smitten when the boys were all waving in our direction. Nobody commented when @BEST FICTION and I were screaming whenever our biases did anything (and I should know because I was actively listening out for anyone talking about me the whole time. A paranoia today).
    Also there were at least four pride flags that I saw in the audience so even if the majority of the audience is female, I doubt there will be anyone judging you for who you are.

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  17. I hear some k-pop every now and then at H&M, including our very own love4eva.
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  18. This makes me feel better cause I'm gonna scream for Jinyoung when I see Got7 in August. Thanks gals.

    That is really sweet, it's definitely good to see more and more groups are seemingly supportive of LGBT. I really wish I liked MX's music because they seem like sweethearts.
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  19. [​IMG]

    The setlist was poop tbfh, didn't do Beautiful, didn't do Shine Forever, just the most recent two albums mostly.
    I was more there for the boys than the music and still kind of found myself bopping along while not knowing most of the songs ddd. The highlight was this because whew what a song.

    The Melbourne show is also very much not sold out if you decide to stan in the next two days ddd, and there was nearly an entire empty row in front of us in the Sydney show.
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