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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. It is so hard to stan them sometimes.
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  2. This is actually homophobic. I---
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  3. Still upset that I didn't see them during 2017 KCON before their Dramarama first win, they did Beautiful, Shine forever, Hero and Fighter. Alligator also didn't exist yet so I wouldn't have to be subjected to the rap.


    I imagine GOT7 is also going to only do their newest few albums and I'll be upset if I don't see If you do, but also I love Lullaby, Look and Eclipse so it's not as much of a drag as MX was ddd.
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  4. Hmm, is it normal for kpop concert setlists to focus on their most recent releases, they don't even perform their other title tracks or signature songs?

    Good thing BLACKPINK only have 14 songs.
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  5. TWICE does most of their title tracks and some random b-sides from all over the place. They did only 2 songs from Fancy You on their latest concert.
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  6. To be fair to them, they did Hero, Trespass, Dramarama, Jealousy, Shoot Out and obviously Alligator. It just seems like they intentionally skipped their best two singles. A lot of it was album tracks though and that's understandable when it's a group that writes and produces songs I guess. Just pressed that they didn't do Beautiful and Shine Forever, and even out of the many album tracks they did, they didn't do Underwater, Lost In The Dream or Destroyer.

    1 Shoot Out
    2 Hero
    3 Trespass
    4 Party Time
    5 Play it Cool
    6 Mohae
    7 Jealousy
    8 Unit - Minhyuk, Kihyun e Hyungwon (cover Bazzi – Myself)
    9 Unit - Jooheon e IM (삼박자 e Bateria)
    10 Unit - Wonho e Shownu (Mirror)
    11 Honestly
    12 Neol Hada (I do Love u)
    13 Sweetheart(White Sugar)
    14 No Reason
    15 Myself
    16 Dramarama
    17 Oh My
    18 Special
    19 Fallin
    20 Alligator
    21 DJ set by H.One (Hyungwon)
    22 Rodeo
    23 By my side
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  7. Realizing we'll have to sit through the shit solo songs off Present: YOU (except for Youth of course).

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  8. I need a k-pop act I actually like to announce a concert on a day I can actually go (Fridays or Saturdays) for prices that I can afford (less than 60 euros) in a city that doesn't take ages to get to (not Amsterdam). In other words, I'll be waiting for my k-pop gig until 2027.
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  9. Can't imagine a bad Monsta X setlist. Their discography is unimpeachable for me.
  10. I see we're edging on the new trend of western artists collaborating with KPop acts, huh?
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  11. Nñn not them not singing the one song of theirs I actually like.....
  12. Unnie really did not have to stunt this hard.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Suddently the straigh.... just kidding ddddd
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  13. Low key I would go to a Mamamoo concert.
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  14. But do you have a car to sleep in?
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  15. Wheein’s.
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  17. July is going to be wild for JYP stans in Japan. Two TWICE releases and a GOT7 release each a week apart.

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  18. June is going to be interesting...people are already pitting Chungha and Somi against each other
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