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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Okay this a look and a half.
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  2. So I never really checked CLC out (I know). I liked No a lot and I finally got the time to listen to some of their other stuff. I was aware of Black Dress but that's about it.

    This morning I made a playlist with Crystyle, Free'sm, Black Dress and No.1.
    And..... holy fuck. They are amazing. The b-sides are some of the best I've ever heard. Like this is some Red Velvet and Loona type of b-sides level. Extremely diverse, super catchy and simply bop after bop.

    Liar, Meow Meow, Call My Name, Like That, To The Sky and Distance are some of my faves. I am so glad I decided to finally check them out.

    PS: Seungyeon is the one!
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  3. Dek


  4. Yaaas a new Cheshire right before the comeback. Welcome to the cult sis.

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  5. Tiny snippet of CLC's ME in this vid

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  6. He


    Poor poor girls. And also wasting popular girls like the rest of Pristin V? At least the girls were smart and ran away before becoming hostages to Pledis for longer.

    What the fuck happened there?
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  7. Pledis is a disaster of a company, one of many. I can't believe they made Pristin promote months straight, going from Wee Woo to Black Widow to We Like and then after that it's radio silence for years.
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  8. It's so strange to think they were essentially the most popular post-I.O.I group, poised to take over as TWICE's #1 competition and then... nothing. I can't even imagine what might have happened behind the scenes that led to this decision.
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  9. Wow. Pristin definitely had the most potential. I liked them a lot but the material needed polishing up. What a shame!
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  10. I loved Pristin's music, but they have been doomed for a while.

    WE LIKE was a 10/10 song.
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  11. Pledis really hate women, don't they?
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  12. I can see Pledis sticking the three remaining members with Yoon Jin and Ga Eun and launching a 5 member group in the vein of Pristin V. That’s if they can pull Pinky out of China.
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  13. [​IMG]

    I am shocked that Pinky is still with Pledis though. Girl, you better run to China before that company fucks you up.
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  14. Yoonjo needs a job too considering Uni.T have wrapped up but we all know they’re all just going to linger in the basement.
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  15. Unbelievable... what a waste.
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  16. A whole IOI group debuted and disbanded before Somi even debuted
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  17. Even if Pristin and UNI.T only lasted one comeback, at least UNI.T had a proper goodbye single.

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