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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I've actually started to hate FUN! more every time I hear it. It makes me so sad because all their previous singles have been 10s.
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  2. Wow, this made me feel ancient, nostalgic and sad.
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  3. I don’t know if it’s been posted but it’s Chungha’s two year anniversary today!

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  4. This red velvet comeback about to be legendary huh
  5. The girls screaming

    Seriously their presence and power is just ... phew. Phenomenal.
  6. This is all very good and well but just where is my Everglow comeback?
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  7. kind of obsessed.

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  8. OspreyQueen

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  9. So, I heard "Boy With Luv" in the 7/11* the other day. On regular radio, I guess. One of those stations that is now just called [Trendy Word][Megahurtz]. I think it was something like "Cool 102" or "Dope 98" or "Truck Backing Up 96" or something like that. So much for call letters. That's so 1985.

    I actually mentioned it to the guy with the mullet behind the counter as I finally got to pay for my Coke Zero after he'd finished with the 18 people buying scratch lottery tickets (the 7/11 casino, I call it. If you live in Massachusetts, you know what I mean). He looked at me blankly and said, "Yeah, they never let us play rock and roll here." I guess he thought I was complaining. I couldn't think of a proper response to that so I left. And Sunmi was blasting in my Hyundai in the parking lot. Or maybe it was Twice. (For once. It happens.) Or "I Need U" for the 4758th time. But that's neither nor there.

    I immediately texted one of my best friends, who despite being considerably older than me, loves BTS. (She started by loving Red Velvet but saw BTS on TV with her young adult daughter and now they both love BTS.) I texted her, "Hey, BTS is playing in the 7/11." And she, the loveable ajumma she is, texted back, "What's the 7/11?" I texted back, "Really?" Again, for the second interaction in a row that night, I couldn't think of any way to answer that.

    So, when I saw her the next day, "I said, the 7/11," pointing to its general vicinity from the studio where we work, and she slapped her forehead, blushed a little, and said, "Oh, I thought 'The 7/11' was just one more big music festival I've never heard of."

    I have no life either.

    *A very common chain of convenience stores in the US, in case you don't have any in your country.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I fucking love you.
  11. This is the best NCT comeback of 2019.
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  12. [​IMG]

    Mamamoo's YT got hacked kjnkjn
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  13. I just checked, they changed it back quick ddd
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  15. It's not even funny?

    I don't even think it was an actual Orbit either.
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  16. I mean it definitely wouldn't be a Neverland doing that to their own fave during the crucial first 24 hours of a song release when everyone wants to be streaming.

    However, this CUBE community translation feature has been abused before when bitter Cheshires watched CLC recording a song we knew they lost the rights to dddd.

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  17. Will I ever get tired of Fancy?
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  18. I wasn't aware of CLC or Girdle doing anything racist. Is there something I'm missing?
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  19. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Cultural appropriation towards South/Southeast Asians mostly. Like the mehndi in Girdle’s La Ta Ta and CLC’s Seungyeon recent dance videos where she has a bindi or braids.
  20. CLC have been pretty problem free but there was one video that resurfaced of them doing some sort of penalty(?) where they draw moles on each other, and Yeeun was given one in the middle of her forehead and started to say "Namaste" constantly and at the same time that resurfaced, Seungyeon also made an unfortunate dance cover to iconic bop Naughty Boy by Beyoncé and both of them were taken to be making fun of / appropriating desi culture. Understandably, people were and are upset about it. ARMY jumped on it and now they're cancelled apparently even though their faves get free reign to make colorist comments but hey it's not a competition on who can be more problematic.

    In regards to G-(I)DLE, I don't follow whats happening there but I think it's all of the "ethnic" elements of different cultures in both LATATA and HANN.
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