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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I’m mad. The Pristin girls deserved so much better. I pray that every female on the Pledis roster escapes while they still can.
  2. Things like this make you realize how better-managed groups like Lovelyz and Oh My Girl are. The former even surviving that whole mess of a scandal during their debut.

    And even if Cube is a mess, it has always kept on releasing stuff for CLC until they eventually had their break this year.
  3. He


    Why does Pledis hate women so much?
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  4. Still booked and busy after Produce 101 and I.O.I. SEI WITH ME!

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  5. Hello, this is Park Siyeon.
    First of all, I would like to apologize to come up with such unfortunate news.
    I was able to spend 11 years of training in Pledis Ent. and 2 years of promoting as a Pristin's member full of joy thanks to all Highs and their unconditional love towards me.
    Thank you so much. My journey with Pristin may end here, but I will work my hard to return all of the love that you have given to me.
    Please root for the members whom I've been together with for a long time as they make a new start.
    I apologize to all of the people who have rooted and waited for Pristin all this time.
    Thank you so much.


    Hold me @BEST FICTION
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  6. 11 years of training for that. Fuck Pledis, honestly.
  7. He


    11 years!!! Fuck Pledis, really.

    They are very YG in the way they treat their female artists.
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  8. He


    I'm so mad for these girls. I'm also curious what happened, though. Did something trigger After School's indefinite hiatus? We know something happened with Kyla, but then why do Pristin V?

    I hope Pledis gets terrible press from this, but I'm not sure there are many fans left.
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  9. Pledis is a shit company regardless of gender, the only reason seventeen succeeded is because they take care of everything. So glad iz*one went to OTR instead, only pledis could've ruined a produce group lmao.
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  10. Stan my boys! This is such a satisfying follow up to 'Touch' (idk those other tracks), ugh, they deserve everything. 10s across the board.

    (They... gonna have to give Johnny *some* lines at some point though, I could stand it when he and Winwin shared this disrespect but now he's the only one getting shafted!)
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  11. If the Stone Music-Pledis Entertainment Girl Group is true, then it'll most likely be:

    Pledis: Kaeun, Yunjin, Seungyeon, Yehana
    Stone: Lee Haein, Natty, Sian

    I think there's a reason why the main vocals of Pristin have chosen to stay with the agency.

    I don't think they can easily pull her out from mainland China. She may not be as big as XuanYi and MeiQi but she consistently has jobs over there.

    She made the right decision as to staying with Pledis though. If she was one of the members who terminated her contract, she'll get more hate from Korea which is essentially the foundation of her non-Chinese fanbase.
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    HAEIN AND SIAN?! They deserve to debut so much!!!!
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  13. Solo single covers for IZ*ONE's Buenos Aires.
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  14. I've accidentally listened to Weki Meki's "LOCK END LOL" EP on repeat for more than an hour without really noticing. I still feel embarrassed writing out that title but all three songs on it are so good.
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  15. In memoriam of my avant-garde onomatopoeia princesses. Du-du-du-du-du-du


  16. Center Gyuri is a win in my books...I’m so excited
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  17. All the previous Superhuman promo in the US seems to have done the trick, my first time hearing it performed I was left a little cold but now it's out the studio version SLAPS.

    NCT is at their best when the bubblegum and 'street' styles meet in the middle, a lot of their harder tracks just seem to land like a led balloon.
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  18. Ravi has left Jellyfish Entertainment, while the other 4 members of VIXX (minus N who is currently enlisted) have re-signed their contracts.

    Jellyfish Ent is saying that Ravi will still promote with VIXX, but we will see.
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  19. Exactly how I feel about NCT (and to a minor extent all boy groups as well). When they're cosplaying as tough guys I'm mostly* just left unconvinced! Cool + camp is the best mix. SHINee already taught us that but people seem to forget!

    *(Though Limitless and Cherry Bomb were excellent... so...)
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  20. Queen of Content.

    Not Polaris wanting Ladies' Code to date already! I stan the Ilkwang Group of companies (which includes our fave Blockberry Creative).
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