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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. This is easily the best boygroup comeback of the year.

    Also all of you are WRONG for putting Simon Says in the same pile as Regular because that shit slaps.
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  2. He


    Ddd, not the "did you date any of the Cube trainees?" question.

    They're lovely!
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  3. What on earth happened behind the scenes with Pledis? There's no way this was just a "we can't be bothered with a girl group" situation.
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    But like, all the girls are ok, right? And at the very least 5 of them were still promoted as a subunit.

    I'm guessing the situation with Kyla was it. But we have no idea what happened there.
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  5. Thank God you said this. 'Simon Says' might be their best track.
  6. I loved Wee Woo. I LOVED After School. These companies can’t be trusted. I just want to see Nana slaying again. I wonder what she’s up to now.
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  7. We Like kinda flopped though, and then Get it did nothing either. Maybe after the Produce 48 girls were well received Pledis just thought lets pull the plug on Pristin to cut losses and start again with new girls.
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    Most new groups need a while to settle, and a hit after, and these girls already had a decent fandom that could sustain them. Pristin V came too late, when everyone was wondering what was up.
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  9. I didn't really follow Pristin so I'm not super qualified to talk about this but I will say that a group or single "flopping" should never be blamed on the group itself or individual members or even the fans or gp. It's on the company. Proper promotion is what creates success, even when the song is below average or the artists aren't very talented. And in Pristin's case, from what I have heard by them, they didn't even fall under either of those categories. So in summary, fuck Pledis.
  10. The T-ara Discography Rate is now open!

    [Link to thread]

    For K-pop veterans:
    One of the hardest working kpop groups; yet their legacy is not appreciated by the general public. Let's celebrate their upcoming decade anniversary.

    For K-pop newbies: Yes, it's quite a lot of songs to cover - but if you're a fan of Shinsadong Tiger produced bops from Momoland, Uni.T, DIA, EXID etc... then you're sure to love T-ara's music. In fact, I shouldn't need to urge you to take part. Their talent and their bops speak for themselves. Come together to recognize their versatile, almost flawless discography.

    (Thank you @Cotton Park oppa for the heads-up)
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  11. I've been distracted by my fucking life lately but coming up for air to say that I learned to love T-ARA over time.

    They really are one of K-Pop's rare true originals.

    (okay deleted reply to deleted [awesome] rate promo post and now you can like my reply.)
  12. Double post. And I'm more of a MeU/Moo/Leggo and Brave Girls junkie but I probably have more respect for T-ARA than anyone and nobody's made me smile more. Laugh more, dance more. I love their weird goofiness, and even some of their unintentionally funny oddities. Just so many... little things. Things nobody else would even think of and things that maybe only I appreciate. They just always did things their own way and didn't seem to give a fuck about what anyone else was doing. I think I need to do a T-ARA binge. It's been a hellish month.

    Oh, and thank you @Wills for your post a few days ago. I couldn't say it better and I could relate to it so much.
  13. This .gif is fantastic.
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  15. Their single discography until Fantasy is almost as good as T-ara's single run. GR8U, Hyde, & Eternity are amazing.

    As for Pristin...what a waste of talent. Pledis should be outlawed from managing pop stars the same can be said for YG though.
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  16. For the people thinking Pledis might have dropped PRISTIN because they were flopping, let's not forget that this is the same group that continued to support NU'EST while they were flopping from 2012 to 2017. I'm more inclined to believe that they are just misogynistic pigs rather than smart entrepreneurs.
  17. ajlhbnfmgjk at "talented" being used for Boram.
  18. Pristin deserved better. Pledis is complete garbage.

    Since they didn't even get to release a goodbye single, let me use this as an honorary one.

  19. 3Xs


    I hear We Like so often at the gym that I actually thought it was a hit here ddd

    The NCT song is definitely the biggest bop released in... months. They kind of went more generic this time compared to Baby Don't Stop and Go so it's not my favorite of theirs, but hopefully they go back to being a bit more progressive with their next comeback. That's usually how SM boy groups go anyway. The album cuts are really good too.
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  20. He


    Boram actually has a good voice, but was never allowed to sing in the higher register she seems more comfortable in. Check I Know The Feeling, Hide and Seek, even Do You Know Me.
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