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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. The power that this tracklist has:

    @Cotton Park @junglefish Wonderkid was one of the people who did fromis_9's 21st Century Girl!!!! Whew wig

  2. #Comeback
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  3. FUCK.
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  4. Talent.

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  5. Currently in Korea Town in Tokyo and literally every Kpop store is covered in Twice and BTS (never heard of them either) merchandise.

    And you’re damn right that I was tempted to buy the Blackpink lightstick.
    Scream @ the Twice one being called a Candybong?!
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  6. CLC - ME(美)

    Now y'all already know this slaps without even listening to it.
  7. Not sure what I think of the chorus, but the rest is amazing. CLC's musical glow up has been amazing to witness.
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  8. I love how they held back on the big chorus until the end, and then the instrumental just goes absolutely ballistic.

    It's kinda like Kill This Love done right, isn't it.
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  9. My issue is the chorus. It's an awesome song but the vocals don't hit as hard as the beat.
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  10. I mean they definitely did skimp a little on the chorus because the build up doesn't match the drop but it's not bad enough for me to dislike the song at all. ddd the lyrics could have done with some more variation though especially that outro.
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  11. Scream at the "yuh"s during the post-chorus. Ariana sunbaenim's endless impact.
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  12. ONEUS also made a comeback.

    Mamamoo's brother group did thaT dddddd.
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  13. So I’m now in the infamous Tower Records in Shibuya and WHEW at the number of people buying Red Velvet’s Sappy mini-album?!!? I know we collectively dislike their Japanese material but still, talent won!
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  14. He


    CLC's is nice, but it's basically Hate with less impact and drama. I still bop though.

  15. It's no No, but still a bop. I like how the drop is, well, dropped entirely for the second part of the chorus until the end.
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  16. CLC wow. Became a Chehsire just in time!
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  17. Wait a minute...not only we will get more FullBloom bops but also Ceasar & Loui and Ollipop (of All Night, new and Red Flavour fame) ones? Whew!
  18. I mean, it's no No, but. Guess Soyeon was busy.
  19. Okay but why am I so hooked on their debut?
    Suddenly the bitch from Savanna is me.

    Their awful English pronunciation... Jinsoul noona taught them well! I wholeheartedly stan.
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