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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Selena Gomez WON.
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  2. Ddddd I've always liked Somi but was lowkey prepared for it to be trash. I actually like it though? Like it's not bad, and the video's cute.
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  3. Dare I say the song is aimed at a crowd much younger than teens? Most teens listen to Billie Eilish and Soundcloud rappers anyway.
  4. Birthday is a bit flat, I kind of had high hopes for it initially..
  5. Anyway, stream Dramatic.
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  6. Queens of the dungeon supporting the princess who's going to move into the dungeon. So cute <3
  7. The Somi song is a lot better than what I hoped for...there’s a lot of personality in it and the music video is one of the better music videos of the year. I’m glad she’s finally debuted!
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  8. At least Birthday is better then Kill This Love...
  9. He


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  10. She wrote and composed this, Somi > Teddy.
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  11. I didn't even say anything like that.
  12. ...no. At least the BP girlies know how to sell Teddy and the Trumpet’s tired production. Somi doesn’t have enough talent or charisma to elevate a song like they do.
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  13. Kill This Love is hot garbage. Birthday is at least cute if disposable.
  14. Yeah, 'Birthday' isn't for me.

    Let me clear my ears a bitsy with this bop released a week ago!

    Ya'll welcome xoxo​
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  15. Uzusonya's* new summer EP is surprising awesome. I generally cringe at any "summer edition" not released by someone named Red Velvet but, seriously this is good.

    fromis_9, my other favorite dance group, not so much...

    *What I'm going to call them from now on, don't try to stop me.
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  16. I like Somi’s song as a debut. She’ll need to step it up with future releases though*

    * lol j/k YG don’t do comebacks.

    As for Twice, they’ve scalped me with Breakthrough. Love the beat in the chorus. Also Fancy continues to get heavy rotation on my playlists, easily their best since the TT/Knock Knock era.
  17. Talking about Japanese singles... 'Buenos Aires' must be one of the worse songs I've heard in recent years. The vocals, the god damn terrible mixing, the lack of any decently catchy hooks despite the efforts. What exactly happened there?
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  18. Kill This Love is not one of the best BP singles but even comparing it to this non-event single of Somi is a disrespect.
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  19. He


    I like parts of it... but no, it's a mess. And the video literally shot in a basement with no lighting.
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  20. It's okay, you can @ me.
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