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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Ya’ll hear something?
  2. TWICE are so amazing.
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  3. I know nothing about Somi so had no expectations and it’s not too bad.

    Kill This Love comparisons? Irrelevant.
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  4. This is cute.
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  5. I've been perched since the announcement of Sulli's solo debut that she'll directly reference her controversies to really RILE those haters up even more.

    A no-bra/cat-biting concept PLEASE!

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  7. I actually love Birthday after being prepped to hate it as a Chungha stan, oh my god dddd.

    There's something very sugary sweet yet nefarious about it like Bubble Pop. Some of the aesthetics of the video feel at odds with the song though.
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  8. She looks STUNNING.

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  9. Also the B.I issue is only getting bigger. WINNER's Seunghoon is now involved.

    I don't understand what's happening though ahshdgsusj
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  10. OMG now that I think of it I am surprised they haven't had a song titled Milkshake already because that's such a Red Velvet song title.
    YG scandals are always so layered.
    So the company is now basically being held together by their female artists. The irony of it all.
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  11. The video is better than the song, but it actually suits Somi's personality.

    Anyways, I hope Chungha's new mini is better than Blooming Blue.
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  12. BLACKPINK are next omfgggg

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  13. Dddddd same. I actually had to check if Red Velvet didn't have a song called Milkshake already.

    I hope it's as good as f(x)'s Ice Cream (which I thought was called Milkshake at first dddddd).




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  15. Ok, so the BI scandal made me google iKON for the first time. I never really cared for them so I honestly knew nothing about them other than them being a YG group.
    I saw someone. His name is June apparently. I looked at him. I saw his bushy eyebrows. I? Swooned.
    Okay unnies now let's get information. What's the 411 on him? Is he problematic? Can I stan?
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  16. You absolutely should. He's the best member xoxo
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  17. That he's my man, trick, and y'all hungry hungry hippos can back off.


    dddd I kid.


    Also, y'all, I don't know if I'm alone on this, but while I think YG needs to answer for a lot of his shady dealings, drugs being the thing to possibly take down iKON and WINNER leaves a.. bad taste in my mouth? We can discuss the merits of cultural relativism, sure, but it becomes odd to see factions of K-Pop stan twitter become right-wing reactionaries over drug use in order to be the most woke k-pop fan by not being critical of ironically conservative aspects of Korean culture.

    It's like that one tweet that went viral of a BTS stan being like "BTS being THE group to make K-pop popular and having no foreigners and only true Koreans feels so.. right, like destiny". Like sis.... you're promoting ethnonationalism to prop up oppa ddd.
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  18. Ohmigod. Ice Cream, Love, and Sweet Witches was all I listened to for days a few years ago...

    They also have a song called MILK which is brilliant.

    That little diversion at 1:17 is one of KPop's great moments...
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  19. There really will never be another f(x). Mame butjyo, mame butjyo, mame butjyo....
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