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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Here comes the smasha.

    Watch it fall down the charts in the next hour ahdhdhsjsjsjs.
  2. I love Sunny Side Up!.

    Zimzalabim is enjoyable but Wendy yelling "Zimzalaaabiiiim" at the start is annoying.
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  3. He


    Her real talent.
  4. Not as incredible as Really Bad Boy, but still a mega bop.
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  5. These reactions. They’ve done it again! Let me get in.
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  6. Ok the mini is pretty great as usual. People may disagree here but i think Red Velvet is one of the few k-pop bands (from what i have listened so far, at least) that care about a cohesive album experience while delivering quality b-sides. I really appreciate this to be honest.

    However as much as i love songs like Power Up, Cookie Jar, Dumb Dumb, Sappy (basically their "Red" material which is disliked by many people here) i can't help but feel they are just going for these type songs that deliver kinda nothing other than the rythm changing every 5 seconds. Which is commedable to some degree but with this i just roll my eyes especially when there are several other songs on last 2 projects that would both be exciting and interesting as the leading track. Also it helps that previous songs i mentioned loving are actually full of hooks while maintaining their quirkiness while RBB and now, Zimzalabim felt like they just went to 11 because why not? It is a lot better than RBB at least, there is that.

    B-sides are however lovely once again. My favorites are Sunny Side Up! (should have been the title track) and LP (Blue Lemonade part deux, which was the song that made me fell in love with them). I also love the fact that guitar is more prominent in the mix and even shines on the song, Bing Bing.
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  7. Bit weird that Spotify lists the new Red Velvet as a release from 2016.

    The title track is ...it's something.
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  8. The last chorus when they all violently scream Zimzalabim while being possesed, eviscerate me Velvetans

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  9. Everything is kinda good except for the chorus? There's nothing going on at that part, they should have added some backing vocals to make it more interesting.
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  10. I love the chorus mostly because of Irene utilizing her lower register. That should come out more.
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  11. The bridge is INSANE, why was it WASTED on this song??
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  12. to me, Red Velvet always deliver when it comes to the b-sides so...

    Sunny Side Up shall be on repeat until I get bored of it
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  13. Oh wow the mini is very good.

    (I mean of course it is but still, wow)
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  14. Okay but the DnB snares during the second half of LP... the musical brilliance. A binch might have shed a tear or two.
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  15. I like the last 30 seconds of “Zimzalabim” but I can’t justify bringing myself to listen to the rest of the track just to get to it... At least the rest of the mini album is decent.
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  16. Red Velvet did that. What an amazing chorus and literally every single second from that dance break through to the luscious middle eight filled with amazing harmonies onto the final chorus has probably been one of the best K-Pop moments of 2019. The song is interesting from start to finish and doesn’t sound messy at all in my opinion. It all makes sense and fits the vibe they’re going for. God I love that chorus I really do. (And this is coming from someone who isn’t necessarily a big Red Velvet fan. )

    Edit: On second listen, if I was 4 vodka cranberries in on the dance floor you can be sure I’d lose my shit.
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  17. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Gonna talk about it extensively when I’m more coherent but I LOVE IT and I disagree with the thoughts about the chorus because I’m going to be singing ZIMZALABIM ZIM ZIMZALABIM ZIM ZIMZALABIM ZIM ZIM for the rest of the month like I did with Power Up.

    Not to mention if the chorus had more to it the song would be more sonically overcharged than it already is.
  18. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Not today heathen, not today

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  19. I fucking knew when the BEAT just refused to drop at the beginning of the song that we're in for a fucking ride.


    Lemme get to the mini now.
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  20. But is that part really catchy or is it the only thing that's actually coherent in the entire track? You dont have much choice but to remember it!
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