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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Pretty eh on 'Goblin', but 'Dorothy' is gorgeous.
  2. Umm... why aren't they just letting these girls have fun fd,jfndskfcedfj,dnv,fdv. I mean, this *is* the kpop experience as reported but still! All these tears...
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  3. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    @Deja-Boo @yuuurei and other Dowoon Day6 stans, we might be getting a comeback soon.
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  4. Flower (Korean ver.) sounds great.

  6. This is cute:
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  7. He


    Ah, this makes me happy, I love them. Sad my vocal queen won't be joining, why not Starship?!

    Ddd Somi is done with temporary groups. I'm kind of glad she won't bring her vocals to this.

    Now, can they get bangers like pre-Buenos Aires I.ZONE?
  8. This low key slaps. Yujin is probably my favorite vocalist of the group. Can't wait for a song that properly makes use of her dark/husky tone. Highlight kinda did.
    Chung Ha, undoubtedly one of the biggest contemporary female soloists saying yes to a reunion while her career keeps on having new peaks with each comeback, says a lot about her. Extremely stanable.
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  9. He


    They should let Yeonjung record at least.
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  10. He


    Oh wow, that was so unnecessary, haha. I bet no one noticed until they were in the editing room.

    Phew, Sohye the scammer, what a queen. I bet she prepared this knowing Mnet would bite.
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  11. Would it really hurt a 13-member girl group if they let Yeonjung be absent for a few months? She would definitely profit more from this reunion than anything she does under WJSN.

    And you would think with Somi's debut bombing she would try to catch the public's attention once again but she's under YG now so it's not really surprising.
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  12. She really does all WJSN's heavy lifting. I don't fault them much. And they haven't been a 13-member group since Locket Girls (and the PRC) stole the Chinese line.

    EXID had a Hyerin, WJSN doesn't really.
    Maybe Dawon not really.
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  13. He


    I think Yeunjung's parts could be re-distributed if WJSN really needs a comeback then, they have some competent leads, but she truly is unmatched in high notes. It's still a shame she won't be part of it.

    Ddd Sejeong now being main vocal... Will we get a Gugudan-like line distribution?
  14. Listening to Ashely O's On A Roll..... SOMI shoulda gone with something like that. I can see why she aint coming back to IOI but with Chungha going for it, it does makes her kinda seem like a wet blanket. She has a fledgling solo career to worry about though, time split with IOI might not be great for that in the long-long-run.
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  15. He


    They can "manage" but they shine less bright without her. She's outstanding for both groups.

    edit: that Soobin high note is... not it. She tried though.
  16. I am happy Somi is not doing this, I agree that Yeunjung should be though, I have warm so much to her in the last two years. Could we have her instead Choi Yoo-jung (she kinda annoys me, but I don't know why)?

    Also can anyone give an update on how queen Chungha is doing? has she won anything yet? Is sh charting ok?

    ...my only source of anything related k-pop is this forum
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Why are we believing that instagram post all of a sudden? There’s ONE post on that profile, it has no links to any agency in Korea and IOI also said they wouldn’t come back until 5 years. There’s just a lot of information, that it’s easy for me to not believe it.
  18. That was really the thrust of my point. WSJN needs her way more than IOI. She's head and shoulders above the other vocalists in that group... Soobin and Dawon can't do what she does. And I adore Dayoung but.... no....
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  19. He


    I'm not sure if it's been completely confirmed, and you're right, it looks off. But it looks like the socials were created just for this, and Studio Blu is a subsidiary company of CJ E&M as well as home to Heize among others.

    Chungha is doing great, she's still holding in the Melon top 10 (at 7), and I guess she'll start winning shows soon.
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  20. The IOI rumour has been around for ages now, is there a source other than that sketchy Instagram account?

    I'd be happy with these nine members, Yeonjung, is the ultimate example of strained highnotes being crazily overrated in K-pop and I'm still mad @ Somi about Birthday.
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