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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Honey Popcorn's song is out.

    The cloud scenes remind me of NATURE's Dream About U while the song itself gives me Lovelyz vibes mixed with something else. A more mellow version of April's Muah came to mind but I don't think that's it.
  2. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Priyanka should replace Somi in the IOI lineup.
  3. I love Chungha but Snapping really isn’t good.
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  4. Snapping got its fourth win yesterday

    And it’s still doing pretty well on Melon
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  5. As promised to @RUNAWAY, here is the compilation video of Heize's concert. I would have gotten it done sooner but computer issues and having to factory reset my phone (which caused me to lose all the videos and have to ask for them again) delayed it. You might even be able to spot me in the white hat although I left out a short test clip my friend shot where you can see me more clearly for a second.

    Here is the setlist:

    Sunday 00:00
    Jenga 02:14
    Shut Up And Groove 05:41
    Underwater 07:29
    Dark Clouds 10:47
    (Fan Interaction) 13:34
    Don't Come Back 18:03
    You, Clouds, Rain 21:33
    And July 24:43
    Star 27:33
    In The Time Spent With You 31:30
    Don't Know You 35:08
    Her Fine Weather 38:12
    (Fan interaction) 40:38
    No Reason 43:29

    She only sang a sample of her new song which comes out tomorrow and my friend didn't record it dddd. This might not be the exact order she performed all the songs in as I had to make it from memory due to the clips being sent to me out of order.

    Oh, and due to demand, the company running the tour put the shirts on sale on their site. I caved in and bought one dddd.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    DARK CLOUDS! Underwater, Don't Come Back, And July. I’m dead. I stan even harder now. Thank you so much @Oleander for uploading that!!
  7. Island

    Island Staff Member


    Kinda surprised she didn’t perform more songs from the album but she has enough songs in her back catalogue to make up for that. A queen.
  8. If the SNSD members represented the Kinsey scale, Yoona would be the 0 and Jessica the 6.
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  9. Kind of agree. I don't know why I dislike it, I don't think it's bad, just... bland and lacking Chungha's usual feel and charm. I'm also not a big fan of the blonde hair.
  10. Yuri didn't make one of her only 2 music videos about preferring girls over men to be excluded from this narrative.
  11. I... am forgetful. Most sincere apologies to all Yurinators!
  12. Random rant: I just checked the Melon chart and that top 10 is.... depressing. Specially when you compare it to the chart of last year around the same time when the majority of top 10 was filled with summer bops from major girl groups.
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  13. ajikdo gipeojeoman ganeun yeolttaeya
    yeojeonhi sarajiji anneun yeolttaeya


    That part is so magical I can't put it into words... I've been listening to Fever on loop for the past 3 hours lul
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  14. *checks*

    1. Heize
    2. ballad
    3. ballad
    4. ballad
    5. Chungha
    6. balald
    7. song from Aladdin OST
    8. ballad
    9. 2002 by Anne-Marie ddd
    10. DO's ballad

    @ South Korea, y'all good??
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  15. SK deciding they're over dated tropical house bops right when GFriend releases one

    sick of them

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    This KILLED ME.
  17. Korea love beige just as much the west does. Wasn’t Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You #1 for like, months, over there?
  18. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Yas hunty getting the EXOL ca$h even when he ran away from them!
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  19. Some nugu potential
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