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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Is that the Queen Girlgroup thingy or is that another survival show?

    I’m glad LOONA didn’t bother sending somebody kii...
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  2. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Weki Meki have devoted PJ fans and that’s more than enough. Support legends. Support Weki Meki.
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  3. The Now or Never of 2019 is coming!
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  4. This is a MESS.

    Chaewon my darling I'm so sorry.
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  5. He


    Yeonjung in another survival?!! And she's sitting out IOI to do this?!! How Yoojung doing both though.
    That is frankly below her and WJSN. They have a strong fanbase, sell well and even win awards (in the Show, but still).

    Poor DIA. This is their 3rd survival, isn't it?
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  6. Honestly Yeonjung, or any WJSN girl for that matter, feels so out of place in such a show at this point in their career.
    Are they trolling? Is this fake news?
    WJSN is literally the sixth or seventh best selling girl group right now.
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  7. Yeah, I genuinely don't even know how to explain why WJSN would be there.

    I wonder now if Yeonjung signed for this shit a few weeks ago...like, literally, a few days before the IOI discussions started. It's a bit weird.

    Also, it is very interesting because for a lot of these groups (I haven't checked all of them, obviously), the company sent the lead/main vocalists of the group? It would be nice to have a group focused on great vocalists.
  8. He


    SK having bad taste is not new, though.
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  9. LOVE RUMPUMPUM her power! Stream it for good fortune and success x

  10. Girls, I'm pretty sure this show is different from the Queendom nugu-survival group show that was announced around the same time. As far as I can tell, this V-1 vocal show is just a Chuseok special that will run for a few episodes and crowns a single winner: https://www.soompi.com/article/1333...up-vocalists-for-upcoming-survival-show-pilot.

    Still messy to have public voting though, since there are groups participating that are far more well known than others.
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  11. He


    You're so insightful, unnie. Thank you for this brand new information.
  12. Right so it IS a vocal competition. Kii, maybe I'm interested suddenly xoxo
  13. If it’s a vocal competition, then why are DIA’s Cathy and Weki Meki’s Yoo-jung competing? Aren’t they rappers for their respective groups?
  14. Yeah, it seems strange that Yebin isn't there if that's the case.
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  15. am so pekipekipeki

  17. I'm not a big TWICE fan (though, I've been listening to "Fancy" a lot and "TT" and "Likey" are two of my favorite songs) but I want to say how sorry I am for Mina. I know the debilitating effects of acute anxiety all too well and was out of work for 14 months at one point because of it. I know a lot of our ONCEs here at KPJ are saddened (well, we all are) and I just want to say I hope she'll get better soon. She's an icon to be sure and I hope Twice moves on from this and Mina returns at some point or finds whatever it is that makes her life rewarding and satisfying. I'm sure she deserves it.
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  18. Jay Park's new surprise mini album is stylistically a follow up to Everything You Wanted. Keep these R&B bops coming please:

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  19. Yeonjung once again blessing us with her karaoke session at Idol Radio.

    I'm quite happy this has become a habit since her amazing Save Me Save You one.
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  20. I'm still genuinely a little upset at how bad FUN! is.
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