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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. YES.
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  2. IT'z bops upon bops.
  3. Fire Flame is fine but Streets Of Gold is the one and I already got the chorus stuck in my head. Hopefully they get more recognition afterwards. Checking out ITZY's new mini album in a bit.
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  4. Ddd Bighit wasted no time huh?
    GFRIEND are joining the app that BTS have been using to talk to international fans
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  5. I even stan the remix of Dalla Dalla

  6. He


    Ddd, Orbits thinking BigHit bought LOONA because of some obscure barcode Digipedi (who have nothing to do with their management) used.

    Hope Gfriend get to renegociate their contracts and get good deals.
  7. So who is going to be the lucky one that gets to writeup Itzy in Slicé's monthly charts?
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  8. [​IMG]

    Please be good.
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  9. It‘z Summer slaps so hard. I thought I will love Cherry more but It‘z Summer is giving me so much life. The cold electronic beat giving me (once again) f(x) at their prime teas.
    Itzy just feels so grand. There’s something almost Spice Girls level big about them (aura-wise). Their shtick seems to be girl power and they’re doing it in such a believable and authentic way. And their songs all have that retro 2nd gen electro vibe. Stan stan stan.
    Ryujin is such a deadly center, but then again female idols with ‘jin’ as the second syllable of their names are known to do nothing less than pure slayage :*
  10. She looks snatched.
  11. 'ICY' was good, but not good enough to earn a spot on my chart. I feel like it'll grow though. I'll try and find room next month.
  12. Please be YG.

    Or DSP. April needs a comeback.
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  14. Some people are saying it’s MAMAMOO’s agency...
  15. Good morning, GFriend is now in the Big 3.
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  17. Chanmi is about to do what she's about to do

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