K-Pop (General Discussion)

I think it holds up well. Now that I’ve had it a couple of days, I think I still prefer Dalla Dalla but Icy is a certified bop for sure.

It's no "I'm So Pretty."
It kind of reminds me of a new millennial "IGAB" actually. An "IGAB" for a new decade.

They're certainly top-notch performers, though. Goodness.
I'm not quite hearing the Itzy - f(x) comparisons (beyond a tinker toy electro vibe) But in terms of k-pop aesthetic "archetypes" or role they weirdly match up.

Amber - Ryujin
Luna - Yuna
Sulli - Yeji
Krystal - Chaeryoung
Victoria - Lia
To be honest...I can't wait for KSOTY2019 so I can give 1,5 and 1 to Dalla and Icy. Everything about Itzy is so shallow and try hard....JYP sacrificed Miss A and Wonder girls and gave us this? This is not the law of equivalent exchange.