K-Pop (General Discussion)

I'm gonna tank every song that are not done by ITZY and Red Velvet at the next SOTY rate. Get ready.

JYP sacrificed Miss A and Wonder girls and gave us this? This is not the law of equivalent exchange.
Dddd the drama of it all. JYP sacrificed nothing (except maybe Somi kii).


ITZY have nothing to do with either of these groups besides coming from the same agency. It's clear that JYP have a particular vision for this group in regards to their sound and aesthetic, which I imagine is largely motivated by their desire to ensure both ITZY and TWICE can co-exist without cannibalising one another. Granted the group is severely lacking vocal talent (let's be real, so were/are TWICE), but they more than make up for it with their unbelievable charisma and dance skills. It's still really early days for the group but the potential is there.

They keep talkin’,