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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

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    JYP is never about the vocals though. But they do work on getting their acts their own vocal identity. For better (Wonder Girls) or worse (Twice), they always stand out.
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  2. Sunmi isn’t the only LGBTqueen round these parts.
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  3. Oh wow, this is much better than their last song (not that it was bad, but it was just a half-assed rehash of their debut, this actually shows some progression to their early 90s new jack swing sound), and the music video is basically a LOONA concept. We love them again.
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    Yeah, I forgot to mention it but the video is fantastic. Genuinely quite unsettling near the end.
  5. Me accidentally stanning the Red Velvet trash.

  6. Hmm, I think the fact that ITZY have their own style is what I actually like about them. And it's a little bit too soon to critisize them for it because they have only 5 songs.
  7. ITZY keeping the haters talking while us MIDZYs keep walking and winning...
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  8. It begins...

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  9. Seungyeon’s new monthly choreo is out and the two of you might want to check it out @ohnostalgia @evilsin

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  10. Oh my.
  11. I've put Icy to the top of the queue for tomorrow's work playlist. My colleagues will stan.

  12. My boys are coming back!!!! This looks like a smash.
  13. He


  14. Are Itzy's vocals even that bad (when they're not dancing or crying or whatever) or is it a Twice situation where everyone is just obsessed with them somehow being worse than nugu girl groups?
  15. I think they're all okay vocalists, they just don't have an obvious lead vocal. There's no Jihyo, Rose or Wendy. I think Lia comes closest, but they don't seem like they're trying to push her as the lead vocal.
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  16. Not you forgetting Yuju...
  17. I honestly can’t tell whether people are joking when they say ITZY are “amazing” and ICY is a “good song”. The hyperbole on the previous pages is a bit much.
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  18. We don't talk about Big Hit acts here.
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