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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I know this is insane to think about because of how SM is but rumors has it (in a more solid way than the past few years) that actually the next debut is a girl group, especially because SM seems to have more female trainees than people originally thought.

    I know it didn't please everybody here but Luna had a comeback this year nñn And I think it's pointless to invest in solo careers for Red Velvet at the moment. Even Taeyeon took what? Seven years to debut solo?
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  2. I don't even understand the point of holding Taeyeon's album off.
    • She literally has the (unreleased) material, she's been performing it at concerts for almost a year now.
    • It's sure to sell a decent amount on name alone, surely???
    • She doesn't even seem to want to promote all that much, so I doubt this is a case of her asking more promo than what they're willing to give her.
    • Money and budget could be an issue, I suppose, but again, Taeyeon doesn't seem like the kind of artist that wants a Blackpink production video. She would probably be happy to have a simple video of her wandering around her house and plants in PJs.

    Sometimes I would really love to be a fly on the wall during those budget meetings and what not. Just curious to see what their arguments are (not just regarding Taeyeon, but in general). I mean, as much as we like to call them out on those weird decisions, surely arguments were presented that supported these choices?

    I wouldn't even be surprised if the reason BoA has been releasing more often lately is because she's been increasing her stucks within the company for a while now which possibly gives her more leverage and weight into decisions making.
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  3. To be honest, I don't see Taeyeon releasing anytime soon since she just debuted solo in Japan.
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  4. If we wanna get fully into sales then NCT are on par with Red Velvet in terms of album sales. Red Velvet's best selling album is The Red Velvet Festival with 185k sold. Meanwhile both of NCT 127's recent albums have crossed 250k.

    They may not get hit singles like Red Velvet, but I'm sure they're making similar amounts in terms of album sales.
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  5. She debuted in Japan last year with "Stay" though. Moreover her concerts there were over in June.
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  6. Well I woke up feeling positive today! Here's what some girls had to say about the best song in the entire galaxy, Apink's Only one:
    Interesting enough, all these users are DEAD...yet Apink still LIVE! Stream Only one in their memory x


  7. @Slice of Life liking some of those posts though
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  8. Expose ha!
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  9. DDDDDDDDD it's no secret I hated Apink before I'm So Sick though. xoxo
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  10. I don’t understand the logic of not having RV solos because it took Taeyeon 7 years. They took too long giving Taeyeon solo music too so they shouldn’t make those same mistakes again.

    With RV only got 2 years left on their contract, it would make sense for them to test out solo careers so that 1) they know what to do with each member should they disband and 2) spend that time debuting a new group.

    If SM aren’t careful, they could end up with no active girl groups in a couple of years time.
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  12. He


    They look amazing!!

    Please Victoria/SM, let us have one more full album / promo cycle / tour!
  13. We been knew sis
    But luckily, taste always comes through in the face of adversity:

  14. I'm pretty sure one of my neighbours is playing Fire by BTS and I've never wanted to move out more.
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  15. Oh god they look so good! I know I said I didn’t want it without Victoria but I no longer care, give it me.

    4 Walls is still an incredible song man.
  16. Those @Slice of Life posts actually don't seem very anti-Apink when you compare them to the general consensus around that time nn.

    Also yes to demand for Taeyeon and f(x) comebacks. Red Velvet can focus on releasing better songs instead of going solo. It's still early for that.
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  17. Reported for bullying!
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  19. He's just watching the LOONA dance practice video. Stay strong.
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