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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Not interested? Not when me and most likely @RUNAWAY are right here. I love it. Had I not been doing stuff all day then maybe I would have posted it. However, given how tepid the response was when I posted Seulgi's OST maybe it was for the best I didn't post it ddd.
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  2. He


    OST ballads are death.
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  3. Well that was fast.

    It straight up looks like a new NCT Unit. But I wanna ask C9 Entertainment whatever happened to Good Day. They debuted, participated in The Unit, and never had a comeback.
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  4. I did not fight for Taeyeon rights on this pink hole for 3 years to be ignored like this.
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  5. Hmm would I rather the conversation in this thread be around boybands or OST ballads?
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  6. Ok then lets talk about this

  7. The actual fuck are Mamamoo, AOA, BOM and Lovelyz doing on this show?
  8. Bom considered a girl group on her own. Legend
  9. [​IMG]
  10. Isn’t Mamamoo like one of the most popular gg’s after the big three?

    I just don’t understand
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  11. Umm..
    Y'all know I'll still be cheering like a mad dog for Park Bom ddddd.
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  12. Wait, I love the premise of the show though:
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  13. He


    Like... How is that fair, MAMAMOO always chart super high.

    Also, Bom is her own team? Only a queen.

    Shouldn't only nugus be participating in this?
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  14. gugudan be like

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  15. Queendom sounds like a potentially amazing (and very messy) show. Especially if it means we get six songs releases on the same day.
  16. He


    I hope Bom obliterates them all.
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  17. With names like Mamamoo, AOA and literally a K-Pop legend, Park Bom, I doubt the show is supposed to help them get public's attention like UniT etc. It's probably a fun show or something and I'm actually happy some favorites are attached to this because I might watch this one.
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  18. AOA on a survival show confirms they dont disband

  19. Queendom sounds exciting but I'll be rooting for AOA and OMG. Goodness another OMG comeback! We are so blessed! Give us The Sixth Season.

    Watch Park Bom surprise everyone with a Dara, Minzy and CL feature for her competing song.

    I wonder what the prize is considering that the groups participating are middle or upper-middle tier status. Already EXCITED to see how this will all go!
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  20. So should we add AOA’s single to the rate when it’s out?
    Dddddddddddddddddd I’m just kidding don’t kill me unnies.
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