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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. He


    An ally.

    How amazing do they all look? I look older than queen Junghwa, kii.
  2. I mean, it hasn't been that long but I still missed them.

    Chung Ha has a new OST song out there as well:

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  3. He


    Ddd LOONA doing such an unsummery song. They looked great.

    Should have covered Genie or Loving U if they had the sailor outfits, though.
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  4. LOONA look so good because you can see they look healthy and rested. I’m glad that they’re able to take care of themselves and their company emphasize the importance of those things. They look ready for a comeback or some kind of release so please ladies feed the children and give the Orbits what they need!
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  5. Neonpunch's impact!

    Support your local nugu girl group today!

  6. Rocket Punch...Neon Punch...Cherry Bullet....I-

    Rocket Punch’s debut sounds promising though
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  8. Happy birthday to the nations girl group, Girls Generation!
  9. Good evening only to

    Tokyo Seoul London New York

    DJ put it back on

    Don't stop let's bring it back to 140


    Butterfly pooped a spider
  10. He


    Yuri and Hyo being a main vocals. I could not believe it.

    Fanny sounds the same, bless.

    What an anthem!
  11. I love them so much, apart from BoA and DBSK they were the main force behind my budding love for KPop.
  13. The TWICE girls work so hard they truly deserve to get the D or the P they want.
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  14. They look so cute together shshdhshs. Like two puppies. I hope it's real. Kai and Jennie found rotting.
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  15. Sorry for all the posts dddddd but I saw this comment on a Pannchoa article and IT'S SO CUTE
    The Twice girls are the best.
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  17. Did we know the good sis Eyedi is making a comeback?
  18. I had a mini heart attack when I saw Jihyo trending on Twitter so I'm glad it turns out to be a positive thing.
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