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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  2. I really need to get into this Eyedi gig, she even released a Japanese mini-album last year.
  3. There's 8 of them. I think we can share. #GreedyBottomCarats
  4. The lesbian queen who told Kino how much his song meant to her got to meet him again and explain in further detail:

    She also told him she wanted to get a rainbow tattoo on her ear to match the make up he's been doing this comeback.


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  5. This is....disappointing.
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  6. Can PSY hurry up and roll out his album so we can get some Jessi & Hyuna.
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  7. Good.
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  8. All the girls and boys wanna be Kim Lip so bad...

    Not that I blame them. I do too.
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  9. Eh... I like my cellphone too much.
    And the privacy of my own flat. And eating whatever I want.
    And actual sex.

    EDIT: I do like her shoes, though. Clearly.
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  10. So... is Gugudan ever going to get another comeback?
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  11. Fuck I hate kboybands but SEVENTEEN are so amazing. The VISUALS. Imagine stanning BTS when you could stan talent.
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  12. I decided to stick on a suggested K-Pop playlist and find myself stanning Midnight by Ailee and Oh My Mistake by April.
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  13. She deserved so much better. Easily one of KPop's finest vocalists.
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  14. Taste. Perhaps one of my favorite 80s inspired pop tracks ever.

    Me waiting for them to pull a Momoland and release OMM part 2
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  17. JYP denied immediately. SM media play to stop people calling Heechul gay, happens every year.
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  18. JYP is not so sure anymore sis hold me
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