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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. nana nana
    nana nanana HIIIIIIGHER
  2. I got Zimzalabim...

    Yeah, that fits.
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  3. Peek-A-Boo0000000000


    sarangingayo (La la la la la)
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  5. I.......like their promo picture.
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  6. I mean, surely that's the comeback that announced for Queendom, no? As they're supposed to all comeback "at the same time" and "fight for who has the best single".
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    Also, gurl give them a chance already istg. They're not that bad!!! Please please PLEASE at least listen to their Closer mini album and if you still hate them, I'd stop pestering you dddddd.
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  8. This will be released early August though. The first Queendom episode will be aired late August, right? That's kind of a weird timing ddddd.
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  9. After a pretty dismal summer, it’s back on track!
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  10. Mamamoo popping up outta nowhere with a release. Meanwhile Itzy is taking what feels like two years to roll out Icy.

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  11. It's because it's basically a CF-sponsored song for their sunglasses/eye lens deal (like Woohoo was with LG, Girl Crush etc.). Have to say, I love that they put so much energy into making usable CF songs, this looks good and expensive.
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  12. Same.
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  13. Luna and her Hunger Games arc, their impact!
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  14. So wait, that rumored lineup with April members, DIA members and Yeonjung was for another show than Queendom? Or just a rumor?
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  15. That is for a show called V-1. They basically just have 24 girls compete to be crowned "Vocal Queen". It's a one-off pilot special for Chuseok airing in September.
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  16. I still can't believe my tribute survived that.
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  17. Not VMA making a category for Best K-Pop Video only for it to almost be the best boy group video. MTV awards remain tragic.
  18. The Mamamoo track is cute.
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