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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

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    I didn’t think that AOA performance was that good. But great staging though, and Miniskirt is still incredible.
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  2. Did they drop another member?
  3. Mina left the group and FNC entertainment few months ago!
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  4. Wow, I really lost interest once Choa left!
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  5. Nawt @junglefish ""hanging out"" with a BTS member to ensure that Big Hit Entertainment properly promotes GFriend. A true Buddy.

  6. There’s that.
  7. Hopefully we get one more Chungha comeback before this I.O.I thing.

    And a fucking gugudan comeback too. Please @God.
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  8. Would it really hurt them to just let Yuri lead the choruses of their songs?

    The song, from what we can make out of it from the teaser, could be decent, but again...there seems to be mixing issues. The vocal track doesn't seem well mixed with the instrumental. Who is producing their Japanese stuff?
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  9. DDD they're doing one of those official youtube video premieres so the MV isn't coming exactly on the hour since that's typically when the 40 second (?) countdown begins. Don't forget to watch it on the official channel instead of 1thek's flop ass. I'll post it again when it actually premieres but if anyone's waiting for the countdown here's the link that will transform into the video.

  10. I've never been a fan of their Japanese material, sadly.

    Violeta and Highlight are 12/10s for me so I anticipate their Korean comeback massively!
  11. Wow it was a 2 minute countdown, drag me. It's over now so the video is starting get ya popcorn girlies.

  12. It's cute.
  13. I adore Devil, but I'm also a sucker for anything that sounds like 50s-60s R&B. Also, how gorgeous does Sorn look this comeback? They screwed her over with the teasers but she's absolutely stealing the spotlight in the video.
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    Devil is nice. I love the Russian Roulette but make the accidents happen concept, ha.

    Queen Sorn and Seungyeon look amazing as usual.
  15. Let’s talk about a group with great Japanese releases:
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    Yerin casually slaying like this. Phew.
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  17. The sheer power and beauty she’s exhibiting lately......
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    Oh wow.

    Terf no more?
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