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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Introduce Weki Meki and if she doesn't like them, we should definitely cancel her for good xoxo
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  2. He


    Melon sereng-hey!
  3. Random Thoughts is stanning Bad Boy and Automatic and I’m trying my hardest to suppress my urge to force Zimzalabim down everyone’s throats there as well
  4. Post about Wendy's black impersonation instead, unnie. xoxo
  5. Or when Irene allegedly said marriage should be between men and women only? Problematic icons!
  6. Except Gay Kween Yeri.
  7. TWICE teasers are rolling out, we'll get to see if Mina is part of the single in a few days if they're just one per day. Sounds like it may be a ballad? Either way Nayeon is serving.

  8. Their "I'm So Sick" is coming. I just need to see the Black Eyed Pilseung confirmation.
  9. I will unstan
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  10. I didn't even like Sunmi's song but the fact that she lost music shows first places to yet another competition reality boy group that will fade away quicker than her career ever could is... Heart breaking.

    That never happened, it was a mistranslation by someone who doesn't like Red Velvet!
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  11. This always reminds me of this iconic post

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  12. @Slice of Life please stan this with me & @junglefish so we can brag about how our newly adopted faves are Melon approved yet again:

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  13. Speaking of Melon approved, just where is IU?
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  14. Too busy with her acting career to release an album apparently!
  15. @eliminathan never quits, does he?
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  16. Mina has photocards, as well as there being 9 versions of each thing. So she has to at LEAST be part of the photo set they’re doing, whether or not her vocals are on the album or if she’s promoting is still up in the air.
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  17. The talent.
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  18. I am watching episode 2 of queendom and Soyeon is a genius. She did that.
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