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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. This Chung Ha collaboration just came out. A bit of a mess to be honest.

  2. Also just watched both episodes of Queendom... Let's just say I agree with the results except I would've swapped AOA & Mamamoo.

    I would've had them:
    1. AOA
    2. G(IDLE)
    3. Oh My Girl
    4. Mamamoo
    5. Park Bom
    6. Lovelyz

    Lovelyz didn't do bad but their song was so at odds with what they were trying to do. They probably would've done better if they just stuck to the original like OMG.

    And the tweet Slice posted before the show started about their rumoured songs for the covers seems to be true.

    AOA - Decalcomanie (MAMAMOO)
    MAMAMOO - Good Luck (AOA)
    Bom - HANN (GIDLE)
    OMG - Destiny (Lovelyz)
    Lovelyz - Sixth Sense (BEG)
    GIDLE - FIRE (2NE1)
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  3. He


    Oh, did Lovelyz and OMG also perform in the two episodes? Is that ranking from on-site voting?

    What does it all mean?
  4. They all performed in the 2 episodes. That's my personal ranking. The actual ranking from the audience votes & self evaluation were:

    1. G-Idle
    2. Mamamoo
    3. Oh My Girl
    4. AOA
    5. Park Bom
    6. Lovelyz
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  5. He


    Hmmmt, interesting ranking.

    I have yet to see Lovelyz and OMG, but AOA seemed to have the best staging and Bom had the emotional connection, so I'd rank them highest. G-Idle were a bit disappointing in that the remix was a bit messy and they didn't seem as strong as usual. Mamamoo had cute pink.
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    In related news, Bom returned to Instagram to post this cute photo with the other Queendom girls.

    So happy that she's becoming friends with them. ♡
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  7. I want a Yein & Mijoo subunit from Lovelyz to give me a Gone Not Around Any Longer vibe. They could totally pull it off and Yein said she wanted a girl crush concept.
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  8. My rank would be

    1. G-Idle (This was so good. Minnie's intro is already iconic and i loved the dance break.)
    2. OMG (The choreo with ribbons was so pretty)
    3. Mamamoo
    4. AOA
    5. Park Bom
    6. Lovelyz
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  9. Bow to the queen, go just like that

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  10. Styling is amazing, this has got to be a bop.
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  11. After the genius of "FANCY" and the amazingness of the whole mini, I'm perched for what's coming next.
  12. When is apink coming back. I love BEP’s best muse
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  13. A great Japanese single??? WIG. IZ*ONE can't relate.
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  14. Dreamcatcher deserve so much in this world. I hope Japan embraces them cause they're such a perfect fit for the J-Pop/Rock fans.
  15. Everytime the chorus hits

  16. They really shot Taeyong's SuperM teasers.... in a gay club:

    The u really is silent.
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  17. Bye rieheijrekntjrdj

  18. Also did Love Cherry Motion & Heart Attack... so either it’ll be incredible or absolute garbage. I’m scared, girls. Hopefully they just did an album track and BEP did the title.
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  19. All the girls want a piece of the Zimzalabim pie?

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