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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Also did Love Cherry Motion & Heart Attack... so either it’ll be incredible or absolute garbage. I’m scared, girls. Hopefully they just did an album track and BEP did the title.
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  2. All the girls want a piece of the Zimzalabim pie?

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  3. No.
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  4. Why can’t I still listen Eclipse on my preferred streaming services in the year of 2019? Make it make sense BBC
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  5. As the world becomes smaller and smaller, Eric Nam was on NotTooDeep podcast with Grace Helbig:
  6. It’s 2019.
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  7. None of the songs listed are bad though?
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  8. Oh we’re still pretending Adios is good? Ok.
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  9. The bots certainly are! xoxo
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  10. Suddenly I’m an Everglow Stan. Adios earned those views!
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  11. I can’t read suddenly

    Just making sure you weren’t referring to Zimzalabim.
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  12. Zimzalabim is their best single since Peekaboo and it still hasn’t been topped.

    Yeah, I said it.
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  13. KARD has competition now. Ready for the mess.
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  14. JYP & ollipop??? We’re getting some Signal ass fuckery....... and I might be here for it.
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