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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. This a return to their magical concept, no? I’m perched, WJSN have such a solid discography.
  2. Oop they're changing producers for their title track...........I'm intrigued yet cautious. FullBloom were the best thing that happened to the group's sound so hmm...let's hope all the negative energy around Starship hasn't managed to cloud their comeback as well!
  3. Thought the shots of the guys were really cringe, but the teaser in itself looks good.
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  4. Cry with me unnies

    i can't...
    someone leakit pls
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  5. I'm still a bit confused as to whether or not the strategy here is to postpone everything until the medias and public are over this whole controversy and then come back to the scene... or if some parts of the industry (maybe even Mnet - which would be quite bold) are cutting ties with them?

  6. Dua Lipa unnie's Comeback Stage omfg. Can't wait for the fancams.

    No but forreal, can she and BLACKPINK finally perform Kiss and Make Up on a big stage?
  7. that would make sense, so no.
  8. He


    Why are IZONE caught up in this mess? Do any of the producers arrested have anything to do with the group after the show?
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  9. Oh are we still not done pretending Buenos Aires and Vampire weren't great minis? I'll come back later then.
  10. Is YG attending the MAMA this year? They didn’t last year with SM who’s probably missing out this year again.

  11. Yes!!!!!!
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  12. BLACKPINK have a concert on the same day, so it’s not happening. I would be here for some of the other girls backing her up for a Don’t Start Now performance though.
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  13. Can I vote for Don’t Start Now in the November charts, @Slice of Life ?
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  14. I'm taking strong Oh!! My Mistake vibes from the song title alone so i'm already a stan.
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  15. Too bad YG (and SM) are still on that boycotting thing with Mnet. They can bring Chungha to cover all of Blackpink's parts onstage with her.
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  16. [​IMG]
    You did well sis!
  17. The nerve of YG to ask fans to show interest and support for CL when they never did when they had her????????????????
  18. They technically have performed it on a big stage together... just never televised. I was lucky enough to be there.
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  19. So now that the good unnie CL is officially out of YG, let's speculate about the next steps she's gonna take! I'll start.

    Obviously I would love it if she joins D Nation (Bom's agency) because that would make the 2NE1 reunion a little more feasible. But to be honest, I think CL can do things on her own. She has one of the most comprehensive connections in the business. She literally books all her gigs all on her own for years now - be it fashion or music. If Hyolyn can do it, I believe CL can too. I just hope she doesn't take too long to release her music now that she's free. We've been waiting for years sis. Release those 200+ songs YG didn't allow you to release stat!
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