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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Ddddddd and then they do shit like this...

    CL is the only former YG artist they did this to. Fucking losers.
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  2. I heard Love Poem and I almost thought IU was gonna sing Kesha’s Praying. That would’ve been iconic.
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  3. Yo @BEST FICTION don't make me post the new Mamamoo teasers.
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  4. SBS, KBS and MBC are most likely responsible for Iz*one's current ban. Initially, they all banned X1 from appearing on their networks. Probably applying the same rule to the girl group.

    "Pretty for a black girl".
    Whites stay trying to silence black voices everytime theirr faves rightfully get called out for their racist remarks.
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  5. pls don’t xo
  6. There is also info that it was a mistranslation and she basically said "black friend is really pretty".
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  7. Knets still bring it up to this day. Funny how it's always white or ifans that believe the mistranslation lie. Y'all unnieaplogists are no different to oppapologists.

    Also, funny how an EXO fan was the first to respond. One of the most notorious racist and colourists groups in KPop history. Xiumin admitted in their group chat Kai is labeled as the N word. Your faves are racist deal with it.
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  8. I mean, i'm all for people calling out problematic behaviour but...with a BIGBANG member as an avatar?

  9. And we go round in circles for days with one person saying it’s a mistranslation and the other person saying it wasn’t.
  10. Hip aka SOTY?

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  11. Amber will be doing an AMA on r/kpop if anyone is interested. @ohnostalgia

  12. I don't remember ever having heard of this and I can't find any info on google, did that even happen?
  13. First time ever putting someone on ignore

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  14. You mean to say that @ Dek was not worthy of that?

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  15. didn’t one of them do Blackface or something?
  16. salfçsdjfsd it sounds like DALLA DALLA I have to get ready for this

  17. Taeyang gets discharged from the military tomorrow!!!

    Me arriving at Ground Operations Command in Yongin of Gyeonggi Province in my best wedding dress:

    He's going to get such a shock when he finds out that all other K-pop men have now been sent to prison:
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