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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

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  2. Wait girls, y'all hate BVNDIT's new single Dumb??????? I love it, help ddddddd.

    I'm also here to promo this great little album.

    Don't sleep on OnlyOneOf just because you're an Orbit and y'all are obligated to hate them and Jaden Jeong pls.
  3. I like BVNDIT’s new single too...
    But I don’t know that I like it more than Hocus Pocus or Dramatic...
  4. I really liked Savanna but Sage is...interesting??..
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  5. What kind of army base has a Saint Laurent store???
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  6. Idols work so hard so they deserve every break they can get, but I can't help but be selfish and think it's a shame they're not using the exposure and goodwill they've just recently won.

    Either way, I trust them to know what's best for them.
  7. Are you all ready for the 2018 Rookies of the Year*?

    *As determined by soribada
  8. ...what is dis hunny....

    the girl at @1:49 singing "[sumn sumn] UP YOUR BUSSY! :)"

    the bridge kinda goes off...

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  9. Avdhsjdjdkkd they’re really targeting the gays with this one huh.

    Honestly the song is a mess but I bop.
  10. FUN era fromis_9 try Dalla Dalla.... I hate it..........


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  11. It deserves to have a Bboom Bboom viral moment, honestly. If the video was a little better and they released it in January, it would probably happen.
  12. Victon getting their NU'EST moment. We love to see it.

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    And their mom Eunji celebrating immediately on Instagram....... Kween!
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  14. Soyeon from (G)I-DLE is back with an annual League Of Legends bop:

    Not sure if previously posted but Favorite released their first Japanese mini:

    Taeyeon is part of Frozen 2's soundtrack:

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  15. ELRIS’ song sounds like it’s gonna be their last tbh.
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  16. "Giants" isn't quite "Pop Stars" is it?
  17. Checking in as a fan of the entire BVNDIT mini. I don’t know if this helps your cause though.
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  18. Oh geez, this is so different from "I'M SO PRETTY". I think I like it, but I need some time with it.
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  19. Loha's rap has me deadddd. She's just... I don't know; the only thing I know is that I love her and that's all

    Also what's OMG doing, this could be their opportunity but they took a break?? Ok I hope they rest well but please be sure to come back with a banger.
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