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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Of course i love the new Mamamoo song dd. Their best lead with Egotistic and i had to scream at "President Hwasa dressed ridiculous at the airport".
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  2. Never
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  3. Oh okay so it wasn't enough for Nature to scalp me once with Oopsie (My Bad) and they went ahead and did it again with Bing Bing and then again with Drinkin'. Cool.
  4. dddddd to be frank, same?
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  5. He


    The MAMAMOO track is nice. The video is half nice half their usual mess.
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  6. ㅁㅁㅁ just really don't care what anyone thinks.
    That's been both their blessing and their curse.
  7. I’m here to deliver an important message!

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  8. Moonbyul finally doesn't sound like she's tacked onto the song. Success!

    I'm stanning.
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  9. definitely the best thing about this (after Hwasa)
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  10. There ain't no disco here.
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  11. You’re doing the lord’s work. Thank you for your service. And thank Sehun for everything else.
  12. 4x4ever might be my fave gg song... the whole year...
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  13. 4x4ever is cute but Better is the one for me.
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  14. I went to check this expecting something incredible cause even @junglefish loved it and.... thank god I’m not infected.

    Starry Night and Egotistic stay being their only good songs.
  15. Mamalmoo praise in here, we love to see it!
    Hip slaps, and Byul serving us three verses<3
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  16. Mamamoo stanning? In this subforum? Maybe Robinho#1 was right after all.
  17. Y’all really out here in 2019 stanning both BTS and Mamamoo releases huh
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  18. The ugly laugh I let out dddddd SIS
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  19. Okay but girls don't worry, I'm still not gonna vote for them in @Slice of Life's charts!
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