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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. This was also omitted:
  2. Talk about injustices. Still floors me.
  3. Closer, Free Somebody and 4 Walls getting mentions is obviously incredible...but no DDU-DU-DDU-DU? Come on. Was it you lot voting seeing as how you tanked it in SOTY?
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  4. Blackpink’s only entry on that list being their worst song... make it make sense.
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  5. We are still discussing this clapped list?
  6. Okay, let's look at this:
  7. Deepened by Brave Girls wasn’t #1 so obviously the list is invalid.

  8. She's just so beautiful.
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  9. The song is already out there... somewhere... and I have a feeling KPJ is gonna hate it BUT the visuals. The visuals. This MV is gonna be so good.
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  10. That pitched-up vocal hook sounds..... amazing and now I'm worried they're not going to use that heavily in the song despite it being the best part and that most parts of the song will lack that energy ddd.

    This is either going to be the best thing they've done or worst.
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  11. Lack of energy is not a problem I promise nñn
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  12. I think... I'm gonna wait for the official MV and everything.

    I listened to the low-quality leak of 'Jopping' when it leaked, kind of hated it, and then I looked like a whole clown when I started loving it in high-quality a few days after the release.
  13. Remember when all of KPJ hated Tempo and it’s only aged like fine wine since then? Possibly their best title track tbh.
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  14. This Exo comeback is gonna be so divisive, I can already tell. The teaser put me off a little bit, but I'll probably love it when the full MV comes out.
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  15. Oh wow I just heard the Obsession leak.

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  16. Okay, I might be lowkey obsessed with Obsession.
  17. Okay this is amazing. Divisive my butt.
  18. *korean* I DON'T THINK SO

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  19. Kai looks snatched???? All their outfits are amazing to be honest.

    The clip is an entertaining watch. I really appreciate all the visuals, but then, they do tend to deliver on that front.

    I don't like the song one bit dddd. I'm sure the mini will have gems, though.
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