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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Okay this is a bit better in how I think the production style attempted in Obsession should work. Whew.

    The melody lifted from 112's Cupid in SHINee's Good Evening is kinda shameless.
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  2. omg Obsession kinda HITTING. This BEAT
  3. what did yall t hink of AOA new song? i dont see where the hooks and the melodies at.
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  4. THAT HAS TO BE THE WORST LEAD SINGLE EXO* EVER PUT THEIR NAME TO. Kenzie should've known better. It sounds like an album track at most.

    Whatever that's left of this group.
  5. I hate both of these opinions.
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  6. Wolf says hi.
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  7. AKSSJFFFF I forgot bout Wolf.
  8. EXO's song is chill yet trippy - both of which I love.

    I can't stop listening to AOA's mini. A departure from their original sound, yes, but still familiar yet more mature.
  9. Honestly, Obsession is swiftly becoming my favourite EXO title in about three or four years. Chen getting flattering styling for once and Chanyeol's voice in the last forty-two seconds are nudging me over the edge. The aesthetics. Since VIXX is on hiatus or whatever they're doing, this is filling the slightly demonic pop R&B vibes I need.
  10. Ah yeah!
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  11. TW: / Depression, Disorders

    Glad she's receiving treatment and is honest about it, hope she's well<3
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  12. VVS is a nightmare, I can't imagine how hard it is to be in the public eye while dealing with it on top of depression and panic attacks. She's super brave.

  13. I'm glad she finally escaped FNC's dungeon (ok no)

    I'm glad she's fine. She's still pretty young, and whether or not she re joins Cherry Bullet, I hope she's doing what she really wants
  14. Did FNC make a statement about her and the Japanese member (sorry I don’t remember her name)? Or are they still ignoring the situation? nn
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  15. They still ignoring. And Kokoro is still nowhere to be seen.
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  16. I’ve had Obsession and You Calling My Name on repeat all morning

  17. On that note, let’s give it up for Miss Taemin for paving the way for all the boy groups putting out dark, sexy R&B electro house bops this year

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    Bom and CL in December??? Blackjacks will be eating good this Christmas.
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  19. Oh and...

    I'll believe it when I see it.

  20. These things are always funny to me. Like, the second they leave YG, boom! content after content after content. God, he's trash.
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