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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Aesthetic Queens came through, Seulgi looks amazing in this video, they all look amazing but Seulgi did that.
  2. But wait a minute.

    This might even be better? Kweens of Album Tracks did that again.
  3. Me at Irene spitting mad bars in the second verse

    Me at Seulgi’s everything

    Me at the fact that SM was considerate enough to upload the new tracks as a separate album on Apple Music
  4. I love Psycho but In & Out is the one!
  5. I think Psycho is good, but maybe I set my expectations a bit too high so I'm slightly underwhelmed dddd. Oh well, it's still a bop and we WILL be supporting it. I love how detailed the production is compared to that demo floating around on Twitter. The video however? A serve. The Bad Boy akgaes will be happy with this.

    In & Out and La Rouge are already some of their best b-sides, their inability to release a bad album, whew.
  6. I cannot emphasis how much I stan for the whole aesthetic this era.

    Also I'm listening to the albums tracks of the past two EPs and it flows well with the new stuff? queens did that! I still jam to Ladies Night in all of its city-pop glam.
  7. I kind of like the Psycho demo better than Red Velvet's but it's a good song either way. The aesthetics are gorgeous, and sinking my teeth into the B-sides is a pleasure as always.
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  8. Of their singles this year, Psycho is the best of the three. It’s ridiculously catchy and the visuals are EVERYTHING.

    This and Sappy are the best from them this year. Let’s hope they go back to their best in 2020.
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  9. Psycho sounds like a Perfect Velvet album track but damn, the video is gorgeous.

    I'm going to watch the MV again, this time on mute, while I'm listening to Ariana's live album dddd.
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  10. What kind of victory lap for my faves we have no choice but to [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. The way you abandoned K-Pop this year is so concerning, girl. What is happening?
  12. I know this comment is going to get buried but I'm kind of surprised they're still together?

  13. Why do I feel like they're about to give us their Woowa? I'm cautiously anticipating.

    I'm posting just three teasers. Am I doing things right, teaserphobes? xoxo
  14. Finally starting to take in all the new RV tracks and they’re sublime. We legit don’t deserve them.
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  15. Girlgroups have been serving lewks and sassy bops this year, so I hope Momoland will deliver cause the teasers are gorgeous.

  16. Korea seems to be stanning. Let's see if it rises or falls in the next 24 hours though dddddddd.
  17. The new RV is really good but it feels more like an album track with that chorus (not that RV are known to have bad album tracks or anything).

    Ok these are more of a serve than they have any right to be. Also Woowa is Bboom Bboom, BAAM, and I'm so hot's step-sibling so if we get their Woowa it'll be exactly like their last three singles ddd.

  18. [​IMG]
    Don't you dare slander Woowa like that ever again!
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