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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Re: Korean Pop

    Apparently she will be releasing some new material this summer, just not sure if it will be an EP or full-length album. I love her last song U-Go-Girl so I'm excited to see what she has to offer this year.

    I also can't wait for SHINee's upcoming release on May 19 and Super Junior's follow-up single!

    This song clearly is produced by the Brave Brothers as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AziSi0SyTVc&fmt=18
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    I'm in love with Sorry Sorry and I just got Son Dam Bi's 'Back to the 80s" full length album.. its great! I love Saturday Night, the video is amazing but the lyrics are so depressing haha!

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERBk0J5-mbI She looks FANTASTIC in it!

    Oh, does anyone know if Big Bang are gonna do some live performances of Lollipop with 2NE1?
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    After downloading Dong Bang Shin ki's Rising Sun album, i was hooked!
    I spent close to $200 on their whole korean and japanese catalog.

    They are close to eclipsing Girls Aloud as best pop act in my book.
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    ooh who's that in your pic?! gonna look for that album now!
  5. Re: Korean Pop

    Its Junsu from Dong Bang Shi Ki, The boys work ethic is amazing. If they are not touring, they are either promoting or recording a record in Korean or Japanese.

    Junsu just had an accident during tour rehearsals in Japan, so he is currently wheelchair bound. :-(
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    SM Entertainment is always trying to work them to death! Anyway my favourite DBSK boys are Jaejoong and Changmin!

    Currently I'm in LOVE with Son Dam Bi's Bad Boy. Only heard the remix off the Type B album yesterday and it's amazing!
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    The videos for 2NE1's first song as a group, Fire, debuted today:

    Space Version

    Street Version

    The song is awesome, and the Space Version video is incredible. They all look fantastic and it's so stylish. I'm already hooked on them as a group. I really hope the rest of their first album will be as great as Fire and Lollipop.
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    Ooh I just saw the videos for Fire, not bad. To me, CL stands out the most among the group. Anticipating their debut performance!
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    Wow, that 'Fire' song is hot!
    I need more KPOP, I only have Hyori Lee's 3 albums on my Ipod.
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    When I hear the first 3 seconds i went WOW... good sign.. love this tune!!
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    Oh god I love that new Super Junior tune, and I don't even like them.
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    I feel the same. At first hearing about the group i thought they where too gimmicky and just made fools of themselves on tv. I just cant take a 13 member group seriously.

    The songs starts out like a Ne-Yo rehash but when the chorus comes up, Whoah!
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    oh yeah it is like NeYo.. that chorus is amazing! Reading the comments for the song is great, everyone is positive about it! [EDIT] ok.. never mind, huge arguments about deleting the song from youtube as the song was leaked and it "will hurt sales"...

    Korean artists should try the UK and Ireland, as well as mainland Europe.. I think they're be big here! I think music wise we're more open than the States.
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    Does anyone know what Ivy's up to? She's kind of fell off the radar since her second album.

    And is Sori releasing a full album anytime soon? I'm still hooked on her Lip EP.
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    They really should, the european music scene is more open-minded i think. Its funny that most of the current KPop stuff is influenced by American Rnb/hip hop yet they probably would not break here.

    "It's You" is so damn catchy..i've been humming it all day.

    Im not sure why the fangirls are in a tizzy. The record label probably leaked the track and its gaining buzz. I think it will gain them more sells, especially to foreign countries.
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    I love Super Junior's "It's You" too! 'On-on-on-ly for you, on-on-on-ly for you...'
  17. Re: Korean Pop

    Awesome vid. If they are not big in Asia, they will be now.
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    Sorry was kind of a guilty pleasure from them just because it was so thoughtless and repetitive, but undeniably catchy. THIS on the other hand I am unashamed of loving. The chorus is genius. I've been impressed with this group and hopefully they only continue putting out good music, because their older stuff is pretty terrible from what I've found off Youtube.

    Thought, though - they're not the best looking of boybands, are they? There's 13 of them apparently and I'd say 3 or 4 tops are good looking. That is an atrocious proportion for a boyband!
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