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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. You could probably ask the same question of... every single Kpop company, let's be honest.

    I don't care much for BTS but I'll take anything if it can ruin Zico's all kill. Since Taeyeon couldn't do it, I'll settle for Black Swan.
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  3. Dddddd not to be an Army™ but......... BTS might have fucked up quite a bit but at least none of them were, as far as we are aware of, in the know about the molka group chats and said nothing about it so I think Zico is by far way trashier especially because everything else BTS has done Zico also has.
  4. Watch it being a whole damn EP with remixes, English and Chinese version plus duet version with TREASURE. and that'll be all of music BP will release this year.
  5. Stop...
    It’s just too likely...
  6. At this point I feel my public broadcasting training kicking in.

    Other cell phone manufacturers are available.
  7. Love your optimism! But BP? Releasing any kind of music?
  8. He


    I want another Badster. With choreo.
  9. I need this remix for educational purposes.
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  10. So are we just not mentioning Black Swan?
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  11. People in here dislike BTS, but we can talk about it over in the official thread!
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  12. Well....I don’t really like it myself at the moment.
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  13. The group? Or the song/video? Or all three?
  14. I don't either. I want to, but I don't.
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  15. Taste!

  16. I really like BTS’ music for the main part. This song starts off sounding like Fake Love and then just isn’t any good. It’s not catchy at all.
  17. In all honesty, I would very much like to love Black Swan because it was co-written by two Filipinos and I wanna support them because I'm patriotic like that ahshshshis. But the song is just not great so better luck next time lads. x
  18. tbh I kind of wanted IOI's Kim Sohye to follow that direction. The true Nicola of the group that never was.
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