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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  2. I'm ready to vote for *NEW* IZ*ONE (아이즈원) - 피에스타 FIESTA LEAKED (LONGER VER) as my #1 song on Slicey's charts! I can't at the fact that we could be bopping to this last freaking year if it weren't for Mnet's cheating ways...
  3. Only just seen this interview of Gayoung from Stellar and I’m... disturbed. The fact one of them could never drink milk again... I wasn’t around during that raunchy K-pop era but seems like companies got away with so many unethical decisions.

  4. I love the "About Mini" channel. I love the girls in Stellar, still great friends and speaking honestly about their experiences.

  5. Well I'm listening.
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Ok I know this is so dumb because I've been a Miracle for 5 years but I just noticed that Oh My Girl have two concepts. If anyone already pointed this out then oopsie my bad oh my mistake so what, whatever.

    1st Concept: Cupid, Liar Liar, A-ing, Coloring Book, Remember Me, Bungee
    2nd Concept: Closer, Windy Day, Secret Garden, The Fifth Season

    I prefer the first one tbh.
  8. Both are fantastic but it’s the second for me.

    It still amazes me that a song like Windy Day exists.
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  9. He


    Second concept all the way.
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  10. Both concepts are it for me.

    Windy Day really is THAT song though.
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  11. Is there gonna be any comebacks left for the rest of the year after this February?

    In June. Hopefully. x
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  13. You should have went for TWICE.

    Or SNSD OT9.

    Or anything else more realistic than YG giving BLACKPINK a comeback xx
  14. Did you start getting into K-Pop when you were like 7? Because wow!
  15. Whatever happened to Cherry Bullet and Rocket Punch? I quite liked them last year but not a peep from either in a good while.
  16. That last picture... the power...

    All the teaser pics are in the GFRIEND thread x
  17. THE.

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  18. Thanks for the nightmares I'm getting tonight.
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