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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

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  2. We haven't lost them to brat pop hell! (No shade to Weki Meki ddd I like Dazzle Dazzle.)
  3. WAIT @ Like I Do and No Big Deal sounding like album tracks of the year???? Wig.
    Is this Sera’s fault?

    DAZZLE DAZZLE is cute. It’s no Picky Picky, Tiki Taka or even Crush.


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  6. Doyeon's visuals are just unreal. It should be illegal to be that gorgeous.
  7. Not Sunmi posting Weki Meki on her Instastory. The power that that has.
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  8. Now you're obligated to stream the song and vote for it on KPJC. You can't fail Sunmi. ♡
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  9. Have I ever not voted for a new Weki Meki song?

  10. WAIT BICTH. I just checked and you even voted for I Don't Like Girlfriend.............

    I always knew you were the superior twin.

    You didn't vote for La La La but I'll let it slide because you voted for Metronome instead x
  11. Dazzle Dazzle is teen-crush done right: A double chorus and a fantastic bridge with the main vocalist actually serving vocals. This wasn’t as instant as Picky Picky but it’s still a solid track.
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  13. We're gonna need one of your top quality HD 1080p 4k rendition of this gif, @BEST FICTION sunbaenim.
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  15. In other news, a nugu company decide to debut girl group with....2 European members.



    I can't wait to see how this turns out

  16. But also
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  17. aux


    Weki Meki snapped.
  18. He


    These outfits are a serve.

    Outer senshi realness.

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