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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Maybe DreamNote snapped:

    Tagging @codecat who stans Wish and my most loyal Buddy @ThighHighs.
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  2. Yeah I know it's there, but it's geoblocked for me, which makes it all the more painful. @Labels, please stop oppressing me for being Canadian.
    inb4 VPN, i'm aware i can do that, it's just a pain in the ass
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  3. So I got less than a minute into the new BTS and gave up to go hang out with my drunk friends. It’s exactly as bad as I was scared it would be. Dammit!
  4. Wow, this is... a lot. I was getting T-ara / Nine Muses vibes from the first verse then the beat switch up on the chorus confused me. The following rap took me back by surprise too. It feels like a mish mash of too many different styles at first. That said, the bridge is fantastic!

    And yeah, the interplay between minor and major vocal melodies also seems ITZY influenced. Honestly, this is like Dalla Dalla in the sense I have no idea how I feel about it... but there's one thing I can attest to: they're serving, your honour!


    Take me back to the end of the year where I give it a 10 or even 11 somewhere in a rate dd.
  5. Excuse me for spamming, but here is the debut single from a new SM solo artist:

    It's a bit more hip-hop / R&B centric than I expected.
  6. If I paid what some people paid for the album and got this, I'd be really fucking pissed

  7. BTS are above photo books. What do you think they are? A K-Pop group?!
  8. He


    Oh but it's a zine! Because they are artists!
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  9. ddddd as a non-kpop group they should've just gone for the usual jewel case with the lyrics book that other artists use instead of charging over $20 for THIS

  10. They’re such good performers...but Doyeon is on another level completely here.
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  11. aux


    Fucking yikes. Yerin Baek who is independent was able to release a stunning hardcover photobook. You’d expect better from a “big three” label.

    Also, ARMYs continue to be insane. What’s new.
  12. He


    The photo collages look like that Gfriend (was it them?) fried chicken calendar, ddd.
  13. [​IMG]
  14. He


    The line distribution in Fiesta is very fair and the choreography is amazing.
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  16. I went with an Army friend to the mall because she wanted to buy the new BTS album and it looks even worse in person. The shittiest package I have ever seen (and their other albums are fairly ugly too to be honest). The stickers deserve to be burned, they are atrocious. Also it's unnecessarily big but weights nothing, that's how tacky and flimsy its contents are.

    Even the most nugu groups have better packaging but don't have a fraction of their album sales, wake the hell up Big Hit.
  17. I AM SHAKING UNNIES. TVXQ are like...one of my ultimates here. This is an iconic day.
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  18. Sia Sia Sia Sia, we need an album from you, please, not this, pleaseee
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  20. Do we though?
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