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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Said GGs weren’t bothering the charts anyway....

    EDIT: Wait, maybe IZ*ONE did
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  2. When the only girl group who actually was affected by that was Red Velvet with a two months old release because they were the only ones still charting in the top 10.


    And Mamamoo I guess but who cares really
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  3. Hang on to that. My birthday is May 1.
    I'm so sorry. I promise I'll come back with a better image x

    Oh, and happy birthday @eccentricsimply - love your taste.
  4. Thank you for this and I'll not come back with a better image, I've been here for long enough all of you should be used to it xxxxx
  5. aux


  6. SNSD’s discography has finally been added to Spotify!!!

    The Boys album and the Japanese albums are still missing though. :(
  7. I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but on Spotify EVERY SINGLE Nine Muses song has been re-tagged as a Nine Muses A song....the level of disrespect...
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  8. I see Love&Peace in the US. I only see their first Japanese albums missing (which were there at one point with Love&Peace) and The Best, but I doubt that'll get added.

    Also happy birthday to @eccentricsimply !
  9. But is it really SNSD's discography if the Japanese albums are not there? They are the discography.
  10. Whew the triple-punch of these on @Slice of Life's February playlist

  11. That chorus! The flavour. This is such a welcome change of pace from the other comebacks we've gotten.

    The new rapper is excellent. The other one who flopped her way through Produce 48... not so much.
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  13. Oooh, I like it! It has some really cute elements that I've been craving lately with all this "ITZY-lite, noisy bop" stuff (most of which will still be making my ballot, but still).

    Lemme go listen to the mini.

    EDIT: I have literally not checked out a SINGLE boy group release this month. Are there any I'm really missing out on? I feel bad for not giving the guys a chance.
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  14. aux


    I can’t stop listening to Scream and BABYMETAL’s Doki Doki Morning nn. Anyone else got similar recommendations?
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