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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. And so it ends...

  2. (3)

    Thank you, it's been a journey

  3. Ffffffffffffffff I give up
  4. Lemme just clarify that I am not hating the new YG girl group. I'm sure I'll stan them because I'm a YG whore like that. But like................ what makes them so confident they can handle another girl group right now??? I wish I have their audacity tbh.
  5. How hard is it to just give Blackpink another comeback? What is stopping them?
  6. Well I am!

    When they flop then he’ll realize.
  7. You think YG needs a reason to be incompetent?
  8. They're women xx
  9. “Their current focuses are BLACKPINK...”
  10. The fact that Blackpink could be over in only three years (am I right?), and they still haven't released an actual album worth of songs. Imagine not capitalizing on one of the most popular Kpop acts ever. Literal worms on the brain.
  11. The fact is they do capitalize on them, no? It’s just not in a new music ways. They don’t want to bother getting them all together and shoot expensive videos when you can split them and suck this ridiculous amount of money doing ads and campaigns. When I went to Seoul last year, their faces were all over the city.
  12. Whoever came up with that quirky bassline deserves everything. I stan.
  13. Can’t wait for YG’s new gg to release three songs, attend fashion week, attend fashion week and... attend fashion week.
  14. It makes sense in a broader way, but doesn't it feel like such a waste of their training time? I mean, of course being a successful Kpop idol is also a stepping stone into other careers. I'm not worried about their post-Blackpink prospects, because they're already securing their future through other means.

    Still, touring aside, to only give them the opportunity to do something with the musical and performing talents they worked hard to develop once in a blue moon is so odd.
  15. A new YG girl group.


    The old one's only released like a years worth of music. I'm so done.
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  16. Y'all thinking YG's new group will actually debut this year. The brand new fresh-sounding single album produced by Teddy won't come out until 2022, I'm sure of it.

  17. Cindy, this is excellence. I think February is the month of album tracks being superior to singles.
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