K-Pop (General Discussion)

IU kinda giving you Run by Younha except make it shelf-stable. Kinda generic, kinda tailored-for-the-locals. It's there. She's capable of more.

Bobbalgalansdlnaf080909 is coming back to terrorize me everywhere I go this summer with another watered-down vanilla latte of a song. The definition of mediocrity, her discog is.

And yes I feel bad dragging our singer-songwriter gorls but it's not like Baek Yerin, Yaeji, Sunmi, Hoody, et al. haven't been delivering self-penned excellency (and getting ignored by the GP) so yeah I'm a little tight!
It's nice I guess. Her music has been going downfall since her magnum opus Modern Times with Chat-Shire being the last good one. She always straddle the line between overly-commercial coffee shop music and her other more interesting side, but after Chat-Shire she has been going full cafe pop (with exception of Above The Time)
As for IU, I loved Modern Times (probably an all time favorite Kpop release), Chat-Shire, and as I explored her discography, some of her early releases. It does feel like the more she goes, the more she reverts back to the vanilla side of singer-songwriter territory though. She shines much more on her quirkier stuff.


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ddddd I was gonna give my opinion on the song but since y’all hate it imma keep it to myself!

I am going to say it is a bitsy unfair to compare Yaeji, Sunmi and Hoody to IU and Bb4 when it’s... pretty evident they release completely different music styles and the issue is less with the way they write the songs and more with IU and Bb4 not releasing ~bopz.