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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. In an update that nobody asked for...all of you SHINee fans, you have broken me. I am so invested and all IN. If I was actually around when this was all happening in real time, I really would have been SM's bitch between Girls Generation and SHINee. I resisted to add anymore groups but I cannot thank you enough for breaking me down. Watching variety show appearances and everything as I'm going along is giving me so much (and the way I did it with all my other groups.) I still think Key is my favorite but surprisingly Minho keeps creeping up that bias ladder (Sooyoung kicking the hell out of him and convincing him not to get her out of the game on Running Man is literally one of the best things I've ever seen in my life!). EVERY TIME I see Jonghyun I just get this urge to like hug him knowing what I know...I am taking my time though because I really want to soak it all in and try not to think about it as much but yeah.

    *And because I watched TXT's Instagram thing with Bebe Rexha, I knew she said that she wrote Lucifer and hate on her all you want (and poor sweet Soobin for being obsessed with her.) but I thank her because that song is everything.*
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  2. Hold up... hold up. I need to sit down.
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  3. He


    Weren’t there two dogs? Super and Star. What happened to Star?
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I believe Star was adopted by one of her friends. Both the dogs were together again for a playdate or something on her IG Story a couple months back and she tagged the owner but I can't remember who it was.
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  5. Y’all ready for a month of me posting teasers?

  6. kbkdjfbjkbnfjkbnjgf
  7. Sounds like Sooyoung is more of a bias in this case, dddd.
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  8. This is my new favourite post anywhere on the internet.

    Have you watched any of their live concerts yet? Some of them are freely available on YouTube. Their concerts always give me life.
  9. Who are they and when is their music video coming out? I need to know.
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  10. I hope one day I can read a Blackpink-related post and not feel a tinge of depression.
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  11. b43816fc62a3349bfc1f7698291ece61.jpg
  12. This is woo!ah! From NV Entertainment. The video was supposed to be released alongside their single album yesterday:

    But this link shows the release date as Monday:
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  13. Yeah they've delayed the release with no explanation nn. Always a good sign for a nugu group!

    In other nugu news, these girls are debuting soon:

    Is Dita the first Indonesian K-Pop idol?
  14. Also in the débuts for next week are those remaining refugees from GOOD DAY:

    Well they're supposed to be on mcountdown today so presumably they share the same people responsible for discs with loona.
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  15. Wendy’s doing a collab with Z*co... we’re gonna pretend it doesn’t exist.

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  16. LOL she is my SNSD bias, but it was the first thing I saw of him where I went to myself awe, he left her alone and was trying to calm her down...but then he had no trouble snatching the name tags off of everyone else. And he was totally scared of Sunny because he hauled ass afterwards. Was a turning point of me going, you know what, I like this dude.


    Ironically enough another video of him with Girls' Generation also gave him points because him with this kid is where my heart melted. I'm a sucker for a guy that's good with kids, what can I say?
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  17. oh I am getting to them! I was going to leave concerts to kind of the end, but I might sneak peak one of the earlier ones I can find.
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  18. Suho is off to serve and we also see Chen for the first time since becoming a father.
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  19. All their concerts are good but I love this one:

  20. Isn’t this just so like Wendy though???
    I still love Traveler and listen to it regularly; 4 Walls is such a good album...
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