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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. All of these sounding like absolute garbage with those 5th grade level of depth lyrics dddd

  2. He


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  3. Quick, let's come up with something to distract all of you from that post.

    Ah, this

  4. He


    I would think non-Korean songwriters who know they are selling their songs and lyrics to be translated, might not make as big of an effort on writing "decent" lyrics? I bet the work goes mostly towards hooks, and English phrases that will be kept / are catchy. At least I hope so because they are usually pretty bad, and most likely they're equally bad in Korean? Ddd.

    Like Chungha's "tell me what you wanna do, run away or stay the night" was intentionally written to be kept as such, according to the writer.
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  5. I think it depends on whether the Western writers are actually asked to write a song or a song was already complete and was just sold. Also, I'm pretty sure the Korean writers don't translate the English lyrics of the originals and just write their own for most songs. I mean, they most certainly can take some inspiration from the original lyrics, but still a translation for lyrics in any language would sound clunky to a native speaker.
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    Yeah I'm pretty sure they don't translate, I must have said "lyrics will be changed either way".
    I think there seems to be a steady market of Western writers that write only for K-pop, or shop their songs for SK companies in general.
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  7. The English version of Bad Boy is still a BAWP!

    Also, the Psycho demo is kind of generic and was completely improved and enhanced as a Red Velvet song.

    I still wanna know if Sophie Ellis-Bextor demo'd f(x)'s Shadow.
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  8. Every now and then I’ll put on Kesha’s version of Run Devil Run just for fun...
  9. Oh My Girl used outtakes from their previous videos to make a cute little video for Dolphin which has been charting reasonably well for a b-side:
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  10. I'm not sure what's the occassion but this is cuute:
  11. Both versions slap!

    SM’s 2009-2011 proclivity for buying up songs that had already been released by somewhat-obscure Eurodance artists with English lyrics was a bitsy iconic.

    Saara's demo of You Think also goes and the lyrics pretty much make sense outside of the rap (never mind the transcription mistakes in this video).

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    I didn't know about Genie!!
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    OH, so it is NOT Tiffany doing the "You're not!". They just kept the demo vocals, dddd.

    I knew it.
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  14. I believe Girls’ Generation version of Genie was released first and the label of Nathalie bought the rights from the original producer and released it a year later.

    Suprised that they’ve kept the demo vocals so prominantly in You Think.
  15. This was actually the original:

    But apparently Dineyra didn't have permission from the Swedish producers to even release the song and was allegedly sued dddd. SNSD were the first to officially release the song. Nathalie's was released after but it does include the original lyrics that Dsign Music wrote for the track before it was released by SNSD.
  16. Hearing these other versions mostly just elevates my appreciation for the SNSD version, but those little guitar licks in the postchorus are kinda it.
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  17. Not only SM though

    Jacynthe that icon only known by Pledis and I, the honor
  18. One of my favorite examples of this is Hikki's "Hikari"/"Simple & Clean." Both versions capture the spirit of the song, but they are wildly different when looking at the lyrics.
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  19. Noooo Seraaaaa

    But yes.
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