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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. The TXT EP is...like.... surprisingly so good.

    'Drama' is a bop. 'Can't You See Me?' is a dramatic bop (ironically). 'Fairy of Shampoo' is far more interesting than TXT deserves to be dddd. 'Maze in the Mirror' starts as your everyday acoustic ballad filler, but it does genuinely build into something a little bit lush. A grower, me thinks. 'PUMA' is pretty alright, it reminds me of something that could have fit on BTS's latest album (pretty convinced it's a reject). In that regard, it's crazy how very little TXT can sing and just how much they rely on vocoder to carry them, a bit like BTS. Is there a reason BigHit just doesn't care about at least having one good vocalist in the group to carry it?
    'Eternally' is another one of these songs that starts like your everyday ending closer (filler) but it builds up and transforms into something very interesting production-wise.

    It's crazy how good the production is throughout the album. The melodies too. It kind of makes up for their other shortcomings as a group.
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  2. End the friendship.
  3. Who are you, and what have you done with man hating @Vixen?
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  4. when people tell me to deal with my ~personal~ issues
  6. Does anyone else find the TXT video...
    Extremely disturbing???
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  7. I wouldn't say extremely but it's definitely unsettling, so I really like it ww The song itself is ... fine.
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  8. Why do TXT sing like they... can't sing? It's as if they've been schooled in JYP's "half air, half sound" technique except theirs is 90% air and 10% sound.
  9. I miss her.

    Best song on the album, tibb.
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  10. I’m hearing BTS finally has a scandal! I’ve waited so long for this moment!

  11. suddenly early dreamcatcher discography is geoblocked to me???? why is evil winning
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  12. Their songs are always sounds like sung by AI and robots, except several occasions. Holly Herndon who ?
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  13. NOT their faces being covered for the entirety of the MV nn...
  14. M.O's impact

    edit: Wait it slaps
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  15. [​IMG]


    Also why K-pop companies can't do this kind of concept anymore ? I understand this kind of body is very hard to maintain, but so many boys are also expressing that they want to get built (Jungkook, Jackson, etc). JUST WHY ????
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  16. Okay, these girls have my full attention...
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  17. The whole Jungkook&co mess right after army was talking shit about Gyuri...
    Maybe someone at dispatch is a Kamilia
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  18. [​IMG]
  19. This has so many familiar melodies and sounds, I dig this completely, oh my god.
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  20. jasmine sokko looks great
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