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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I know NonStop will be the crowd favorite from this repack because it's more melodic and straightforward, but I am kinda living for Punch's melodramatic TRON meets Ying Yang Twins whisper fantasy nn.
  2. I kinda love this... I think?
  3. It's very 2013/2014 Kpop isn't it? It's not great but they've got potential.

    It reminds me of EXID.
  4. Maybe they thought Miss Rona could infect them through the eyes. Can it though?

    The song is pretty catchy, perched to hear more from them.
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  5. It sounds like something Kumi would be all over, dddd, especially with that title.
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  6. The production of the new NCT 127 track is really interesting but those AMSR vocals on certain lines in the verses make it unlistenable for me.
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Stan Pentagon!

  9. The SECRET NUMBER song has potential but i'm not a huge fan honestly. The first part of the verses are good, the chorus is alright and the post choruses too. But the pre-chorus starts of good but I don't enjoy how they end the lines... The group itself seems like they have potential just doesn't seem they've quite got it right. I'm hoping they'll have a Bon Bon Chocolat to Adios glow up (altho Bon Bon Chocolat was much better of a song)
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  10. This is...a flavorful instrumental. Going to pray for our asses from the rug burn we're about to get when this comes out

  11. Mina; serene legend
    She did what she had to do

    also twice coming back with an easily digestible feel good spring/summer bop... that oh my girl print!
    Just in time when the citizens of KOREA decided to listen to k-pop again. Smash hit incoming! #1

  12. Watch the final song sound nothing like the teasers. Remember when the Korean labels used to do it all the time?
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  13. God knows I love TXT, but Can't You See Me? bummed me out. I know I've said this a million times recently, but it sounds like everyone else. Or, worse yet, it sounds like it belongs on Map of the Soul: 7. I'm glad to see all the goodwill they're generating, but Crown or 9 and Three Quarters, this ain't.

    Elsewhere, Punch is a great counterpart to Kick It. NCT 127 new 2020 faves, I guess!
  14. The absolute scammery of these:

    If I didn't love Be My Baby so much I would've been so pissed off at JYP dd
  15. I guess it's that time of the month when we post that teaser:
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  16. I remember people fearing that Feel Special would be a BALLAD based off the first couple of teasers and look what we ending up getting. Let’s just wait and see.

    I swear this subforum has impossibly high standards for every group nowadays, they can’t reinvent the wheel every single comeback, you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment that way.
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  17. f(x) Victoria released full-length album "VICTORIA" in China.
    10 tracks. No Spotify/Apple Music atm.
    "Roof On Fire" is song from 2018, and "Roof On Fire" actually is on Spotify (and has MV from 2018).

    Title track "Up to me":

    Nice song and MV.

    Also, album statisitics:
  18. Good for her.
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