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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I like the song! It's really cute!
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  2. [​IMG]

    Speaking of Rain. New promo shot for the M-Net music reality show I-LAND.

    Dat ass!
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  3. I’ve waited for years for her to go blonde again and she delivered the goods. Ethereal beauty
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  4. Wait this is so cunty.....

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  5. Well that's my #1 for KPJC this month settled.
  6. She's giving me Gyeongree. I like it.
  7. A minimal house serve I didn't expect. This is going to be stuck in my head.
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  8. THIS SOPHISTICATED GLAMOROUS CHARISMATIC UNIQUE TALENTED BOP THAT NO ONE HAD THE NEVER TO SERVE IN OUR ENTIRE HISTORY SHE HAS HAD IT OF YALL ALWAYS BEING LOVELYZ ANTIS!!! This hair...this gorgeous shade of blue...she is delivering COLOR and glossy, keratin treated Pantene commercial HAIR omg I am this close to buying bleach and some Manic Panic blue dye. Oh and she has also HAD IT with that shit Netflix show about the Tigers being exploited by disgusting people and decided to shift Tiger culture from the ground UP and we absolutely have to STAN and honestly if you don't love this song then like STOP BEING WEIRD

  9. Lovelyz is one of the few recent (?) groups I haven't really explored, so let me fix this.
  10. Start here x

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  11. Don't forget:
  12. The way Lovelyz is suddenly get praised here and Sujeong out of nowhere serving greatness makes me really happy


    Here's another Lovelyz serve :

    Major disco banger

    Melancholic synthpop with a great rap surprise at the end !
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  13. Lovelyz most PJ friendly song:

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  14. Boa and Bohyung are coming back with a Sweetune bop.

  15. Not this masterpiece getting a review from Classical Musicians:
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  16. Cute boy Crush and Korea‘s it-girl Joy released a song

    Joy serving sexy movie star teenage boy fantasy. Yääääšśśś
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