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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I don't think we have anything to worry about. The teasers for Fancy and Feel Special took a similar approach - they used isolated layers of the instrumental, so the tracks sounded bare and muted (naturally, without the vocals and melodies). I imagine they've done the same thing for More & More, removing the more bombastic/intricate elements of the instrumentals from the teasers.


    Feel Special

  2. He


    Minzy sounds great!
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  3. I missed her voice. The song's not bad as well.
  4. I’m getting massive summery bop from that More & More teaser. Buckle up girls!
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  5. Also:

  6. OnlyOneOf are one of the most interesting groups among the youngest generation.Thid bop produced by GRAY is a summer hit waiting to happen:

    And album preview from MONSTA X:
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  7. I won’t post all the pics but the other girls were also posted on Twitter
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  8. Very much this, and that's the reason some people were afraid Feel Special would be a ballad. With More & More in particular I feel they're playing strong with the fooling the audience aspect.
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  9. I'm hoping for a 4minute Heart to Heart to Mirror Mirror switch with that snake at the end.
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  10. Curiouser and curiouser...

    Sana is so stunning!!!
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  11. Minzy’s first mini is so good go and stream it now x
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  12. Superwoman is still a fantastic song and Ninano or whatever it was called wasn’t all that bad.
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  13. Yeah I‘m a fan of Minzy‘s solo output as well. Even ‘All Of You Say‘, which had a rather lukewarm reception, did everything I wanted it to.
    Generally Minzy seems to be one of the most underrated second generation girl group idols. I hate how she’s never mentioned when either great dancers (although she does get some recognition in that department) or especially vocalists are discussed, because she’s top-tier in both categories imho.
    I really really want her to be happy and successful nn

  14. Glad for him, but...damn. Men really do have it easier, don't they!
  15. He


    And we celebrate our nugu faves selling 20k.

    Inequality indeed.
  16. To be fair, I find him really talented ; great voice, good dancer and the quality of his solo material so far has been pretty good and deserving of good sales as far as any artist go, but it's just... If any (just as talented) female soloist put that same album out, it wouldn't sell that well!

    But if men do have to sell this much, I'd rather be him and EXO ddd. At least they can sing!

  18. Speaking of blatant homosexuality:

    Stan The Boyz!
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  19. Japanese legends getting ready to snatch our wigs.
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