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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Not really though?
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  3. I may be disappointed with Sour Candy but I'm ready to fight anyone in the Gagger thread who says Blackpink didn't need to be on the song or whatever excuse they come up with to discredit the girls/k-pop in general.
  4. I don't speak Korean but I can if you like (ow)

    I'm sour candy, so sweet then I get a little angry, yeah
    Sour candy, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
    I'm super psycho, make you crazy when I turn the lights low
    Sour candy, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

    Take a bite, take a bite
    So-sour candy
    Take a bite, take a bite
    So-sour candy
    Take a bite, take a bite
    So-sour candy
    Take a bite, take a bite
    Sour candy

  5. Well that's my 10 this month sorted then

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  6. Dddd, I always forget we can vote for these songs!
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  7. Never in my life I would imagine a proper collaboration between Gaga and 2NE1 protege.

    It's fine and serviceable, Blackpink sounds good and more...energetic here compared to their usual track ?

    Yuri x Seohyun already did this sound with a better result tbh

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  8. Two things:
    1. That Momoland song I posted is their Banana ChaCha follow-up which is a collaboration with some Korean children’s show.
    2. Today is Dahyun’s birthday and it’s also Kylie Minogue’s birthday so what kind of mystical force is this day?
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  9. The girls are great but i'm a bit over Gaga slowly talking over the beats thing.
  10. To interrupt our scheduled program, I'm here to remind you of another legendaric collab with international implications

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  11. Remember when Baby Vox did a song with 2Pac but 2Pac was already dead for over a decade so they used some old sample and then got sued? Iconique
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  12. What... is this dd. His part is so jarring because it doesn't sound properly mixed.
  13. Phew this fucking ANTHEM and this legendary moment!!!

    i done heard em all TALK. bout how much they want ME.
    but ain't never had nobody put it on Me GETTOWHATUREDOINCAUSEITAINTBEENDONETOME!!!!

  14. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Is this better than most of Chromatica? Maybe so. Yes.

  15. That froot seems familiar, is this about to be DIA's best song?! I'm perched.

    EoDIA (I know it's pronounced die-ya not dee-ya dd)
  16. Oh shit I'm getting Where are you? vibes from this it's really over for all of us huh


    Edit: ffff @eliminathan that was TOO QUICK
  17. WAIT @ these not being posted. MBK could finally afford a photographer hello let's celebrate that! They look otherworldly and stunning...

  18. Isn't it rumoured that DIA went through a line-up change from Sera of Nine Muses fame-turned YouTube reactor?

    Hopefully its none of the original girls, or none of them at all.

    This is when they've added more girls again to try and be SNSD/TWICE again.
  19. Sour Candy is very Tinie Tempah/Zara Larson. I love it, even though I don’t really like Lady Gaga. Blackpink version only please!
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