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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. To me it's oubviously inspired by this

  2. I don’t dislike Sour Candy by any means but it does feel a little uninspired...
    I feel like they could have done more with it...
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  3. This is my Sour Candy

  4. Lisa and Jisoo not making an appearance in the picture even though all of CLC made the cut dksdfd
  5. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Blackpink make Sour Candy for me ddddd I wish they could release a version just with them ops
  6. aux


    The Chromatica thread is talking about K-Pop again

  7. He


  8. It's very unlike what Blackpink would release which makes it for me. It's always nice to hear another producer producing for them.
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  9. He


  10. Prescient post. Your mind.
  11. aux


    Never mind, they're back to talking about Gaga now.

  12. He


    I was disappointed, honestly. I wanted mess.

    Don't sound the klaxon for stuff like this, unnie.
  13. He


    Thanks to them now I'm binging on EXID excellence. So, it was a great outcome.
  14. They’re also talking about Alice being the best song and I 100% agree

    The way Jeonghwa snapped whew
  15. He


    PINKMOON and her should become a duo, or something.

    Queen of international air travel: Newark Newark
  16. aux


    If you want mess, we can always start mess.

  17. Many of them, including me, are mentioning Replay as their favorite song. You know what we had to do three centuries ago when we wanted to replay a cassette?

    You guessed it correctly, we had to

  18. I started listening to her a few years ago and she really has a lot of great songs. Here are some of my faves

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  19. Me reading that post implying Lady Gaga is "youth chasing" with Sour Candy

  20. Look guys, is either Sour Candy or that "Samsung's gonna give you life" song on loop, so...

    BLACKPINK in Chromatica!
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