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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. This is the one who said he was the 'Kim Jong Un of hip-hop' wasn't it? or was that another trash?
  2. It's coming in a day....
  3. I've finally watched this and OH MY GOD they look snatched!

    This comeback is going to completely obliterate me

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  4. DeVita speaking up about other artists being silent during #BlackLivesMatter ugh a queen


  5. She continued for two more tweets:

    That's refreshing to hear from a Kpop artist.
  6. 30 seconds of More & More from TikTok:

  7. The Avengers are shaking

  8. I know I’m going to get annihilated for this but I got real Mamamoo vibes from that.
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  9. It sounds very trop-bop from 2016 nn
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  10. Yeah

    I've come to accept that I probably will not like their new single

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  11. The instrumental is what it is, but I actually think the melodies are very Twice from what we can hear... so I don’t think this is going to end up sounding like anything else but your usual Twice, but on a K-Trop beat.

    I feel like it’s a genre that is still strong in Korea, to be fair? Well, I guess I can’t say that for sure dddd.
  12. MORE tropical house in 2020? Oh My Girl stay influencing the game!
  13. I'm obviously going to hold out until we've heard the whole song to judge. Maybe the chorus is amazing and what ties it all together, TWICE always have amazing, bombastic choruses.
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  14. Speaking of K-pop artists lack of speaking about BLM and culture appropriation :

  15. [​IMG]

    Okay I know I'll love this when it comes out cause that dance break sounds incredible, but what is that prechorus gherls...
    Lucky for them every song on the album sounds better anyways so I'm still extremely perched.
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  16. Glad to see some Big 3 idols using their platform for this

  17. I’m surprised they have that kind of money to be honest. Good for them though.
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  18. Mutha, has arrived.

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  19. They said it, Summer starts on June 1 everyone. Prepare your sunscreen.
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