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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Apparently Big Hit apologized for the Jim Jones sample and said it would be removed from future releases of the song...
    Naturally a substantial portion of ARMYs are being fucking racist and engaging in their creepy worship thing hat they do, but I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised at this point...
    I know dogging on ARMYs is kind of played out but they really have a proclivity for being irredeemable garbage...
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  3. What is an Oneiric Diary?
  4. Probably a cult.
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  5. Oneir is a prefix from the Greek óneiron, "dream". So oneiric means "dream-related." We also have oneirology and oneirophobia, etc. themoreyouknow.gif
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  7. haud on, haud on, haud on.

    There are currently nine members of Nature. Seven are pictured here. Aurora is taking time off after being on that Chinese television programme, so who has been dropped?

    Because you cannot have a Nature comeback without a lineup change. It's the law.
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  8. Loha isn’t participating in this comeback.
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  9. Wait... this sounds great.
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  10. We will allow it if it's as good as 'Twit'.
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  12. there is nothing as good as Twit.
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  13. Oh my GOD!!!!! If this is a ballad album consider me dead. The production sounds sooo lush.
  14. It sounds great, right?
    It instantly reminded of this.

    Check it out! Get into it! Live your life lovely!
  15. Wait... It sounds A LOT like 'Doll' now that you've mentioned it ddd.
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    Twit was alright at best ddd but I welcome a Hwasa comeback.
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